Norwegian company “Norian” expands its operations in Vilnius: it promises 100 new jobs

Headquartered in Oslo, Norian is a leading provider of advanced accounting, payroll and automation solutions in Northern Europe. Currently, Norian serves more than 1.5 thousand people. business clients across the continent and helps businesses across all sectors streamline their business and administrative processes. A total of 600 specialists work in the company’s divisions in 6 countries.

In 2005 the company established a financial transaction center in Lithuania. Since then, the number of employees and the list of functions have expanded significantly and today it is Norian’s largest division, with 350 specialists.

in 2021 “Norian” joined the company with more than 2.2 thousand employees and operating in 10 countries “Ecit” AS group of companies, which provides its clients with accounting, payroll and various IT services.

Source: The Delfi





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