Latvian gas station network will start operating in Lithuania

“We are happy to continue the company’s rapid growth story outside Latvia. The Lithuanian market is important to us, as we see that it is important for both professional and private customers.

This is our first stop outside Latvia. We are sure that with our experience and quality we will also be able to gain the trust of customers in Lithuania. We anticipate that our presence in Lithuania will have a positive impact on the development of the company’s long-term business model: both by promoting brand awareness at the Baltic level and by expanding product availability to existing customers and futures of Virši. in Lithuania”, Janis Viba, chairman of the board of directors of Virši, is quoted in the report.

The new “Virši” gas station will have an area of ​​314 square meters. mr. A shop and café area will be set up. The building is built according to the already existing “Virši” gas station concept. It is believed that the gas station and the store will be open 24/7, it will be possible not only to buy fuel, but also to charge an electric car. The store will offer drinks, snacks and automotive products.

“Virši” has been on the market for 28 years. Currently, the “Virši” network has 75 sales points, including 73 gas stations, and more than 780 employees work in the network in all regions of Latvia. From 2021 November 11 AS “Virši-A” shares are listed on the “Nasdaq” Riga “First North Alternative Market” stock exchange.

Source: The Delfi





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