Employment service: seasonality reduced labor market activity in November

December 1 150.3 thousand are registered in the country. people with unemployed status. This represents 2.8 percent. over a month ago. Number of customers 3.1 percent. higher than a year ago. Registered unemployment in the country increased by 0.2 percent in November. points, and the unemployed accounted for 8.4 percent. of the country’s working-age population.

In the last month of autumn, 15,600 people started working. customers – 14.6 percent. less than in October. Another 7.5 thousand people (-11.4%) started self-employment after purchasing a business license. The number of those who started working as unskilled workers decreased the most (-19.4%), while the number of those who started working as skilled workers decreased less (13.6 %).

Since the start of the year, 191,100 people have found employment through the Employment Service. job seekers – 0.1 percent. more than last year at the same period.

Last month, 24,300 people applied to the Employment Service customer service. of the population – 2.9 percent. less than in October. Employment rates decreased in November, but the demand for work was slightly higher – employers submitted 0.8 thousand job offers on the Employment Service platform. (5.1%) more job offers than in October – 15.7 thousand.

However, the total number of vacancies remains at 11.3 percent. (2 thousand) less than last year. It was the demand for unskilled workers that fell the most – the number of vacancies for these workers was a fifth (21.5%) lower than a year ago. Various vehicle drivers, cleaners of offices, hotels and other institutions, housekeepers and helpers, cooks, salespeople, electricians and welders received the highest number of job offers last month.

December 1 there were 1.47 million people working in the country. – 1.1 thousand people (0.08%) more than a month ago. The number of working people increased the most in education, health care, social work, and wholesale and retail trade.

Source: The Delfi





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