Prime Minister: it’s a shame and the opposition’s logic for not supporting the budget project is not very clear

“It’s a shame, because the logic of the opposition for not supporting (the budget project – ELTA) is not very clear. Because if the budget was not adopted and if the rule of the twelfth of this year was applied, so I don’t know who would benefit more from it,” I. Šimonytė told journalists in the Seimas on Tuesday.

“Perhaps it would be better for the opposition, if only to congratulate itself, but it would not be better for the people, knowing that next year’s budget provides larger appropriations for practically all areas of public life, some of which are particularly important, such as education. What is the point or meaning of voting no, I find it difficult to understand,” she said.

Meanwhile, I. Šimonytė called the project itself a “moderate budget”, because the European Union (EU) has returned to the limits of the Maastricht criteria and the deficit cannot exceed 3%.

“I avoid the term “record”, I would say that it is a “moderation budget”, the European Union has returned to the limits of the Maastricht rules, the deficit must remain within the limits, although we still live in conditions of great uncertainty and there are many circumstances in which we need to react more,” said the politician.

“But we have to plan the budget according to the rules,” she stressed.

The final decision on the draft state budget for next year is expected to be made on Tuesday morning in the Seimas.

In the government’s revised 2024 report the draft budget forecasts that state revenue will reach 16.98 billion next year. EUR, expenses – 20.61 billion euros. Compared to 2023, budget revenues are expected to increase by 1.43 billion. euros (9.2%), expenses – more than 1.6 billion euros (almost 8.5%).

The value of the proposals of the members of the Seimas amounts to 690 million. euros, the Government approved 3 proposals

The government decided to support three after examining the parliamentarians’ proposals on Monday morning. Finance Minister Gintarė Skaistė said during the meeting that the value of the Seimas members’ proposals reached 690 million. EUR, the proposals approved by the government amount to 645 thousand. euros.

Public sector debt in 2024 is expected to represent 39.9 percent. (without taking into account the impact of the EU balance and accumulation – 38.9 percent), deficit – 3 percent. (without temporary measures – 2.5%). In the original draft, the debt and deficit were 0.1 percent. smaller point. In 2025 the debt is expected to reach 43.1 percent and the deficit to reach 2.5 percent.

Next year, the Maastricht criteria will apply again, so European Union countries, including Lithuania, will have to maintain less than 3 percent. budget deficit of gross domestic product (GDP) and must not exceed 60 percent Debts equal to GDP.

Next year, 20 percent. it is planned to increase the amount of non-taxable income (NPD) – it will reach 751 euros. In addition, benefits for investment projects and film production have been extended for 5 years. in 2024 the minimum monthly wage (MMA) will be 10 percent. higher and will amount to 924 euros (709 euros “in hand”).

In the revised draft budget, an additional allocation of 157 million is planned. euros for Lithuanian roads, therefore instead of the 715.3 million which appeared in the initial project. 872 million euros will be allocated to the road sector. euros.

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