Lithuanian businessmen also have questions for the company on the list of Russian war sponsors: they demanded an explanation

Ukraine’s National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) announced in mid-November that it had added the Danish company Rockwool to the list of international war sponsors because its products were used in the construction and repair of naval ships. Russian.

Moreover, Rockwool has so far not closed four factories in Russia. Its products are produced for the domestic market, and last year alone it contributed about 17.7 million to the budget of the country’s aggressor. taxes in euros.

Sent an official letter

All this raised questions among some Lithuanian businessmen selling Rockwool products. For example, Žydrūnas Klivečka, director of Lemora, one of the largest companies selling construction and finishing materials. Delphi said that after hearing the news of Rockwool’s inclusion in the international list of war sponsors, he immediately turned to Danish representatives to ask for an explanation.

“Of course, we do not sell products made in Russia. We buy it from the Rockwool factory in Poland. So we sent an official letter to this factory and asked them to present their position. What we read in the media is one thing, but let’s let them explain themselves,” teaches Ž. Klivechka.

Lemora has not yet received a response, what it will be depends on whether it plans to abandon the business of Rockwool products.

At that time since 1997 Arūnas Dvareckas, director of the Aldaga company, which has the status of official distributor of Rockwool products Delphi asserts that there are some moral doubts about Rockwool’s activities, but notes that the Danes have separated their activities in Russia and Europe. Aldaga also sources its products from a factory in Poland.

“Well, yes, there are several Rockwool factories in Russia, but since the beginning of the war they have become independent of the Danish company and operate independently. And we live from the Poles, we have never received any production of the Russians”, says A. Dvareckas.

Large traders Depo and Moki veži Delphi also asked if they were going to stop selling Rockwool products, but they did not answer the questions.

The fault of the distributors

At this time, the Lithuanian UAB “Rockwool”, which belongs to a group of Danish joint stock companies, does not comment on the inclusion of the Danish company in the list of war sponsors and claims that it operates only in the limits of its responsibilities in Lithuania. , Latvia and Estonia.

“All products in our range sold in the Baltics are manufactured and supplied from European Union countries (such as Poland, Czech Republic or Denmark) and the company has no commercial or other relations with sanctioned countries”, – Delphi specified by the company.

She points out that the Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption correctly noted that Rockwool’s legal units in Russia did not directly supply insulation materials to the Russian military fleet and that even before the war, Rockwool products were sold by a distributor in Russia.

According to the NACP, Rockwool products were used in the construction and repair of Russian Navy ships: the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, the Baltic Fleet, the Northern Fleet in Murmansk and the Pacific Fleet. Information on these contracts is provided from 2014 to 2021.

In the year following the annexation of Crimea, Rockwool supplied insulation materials to at least 31 Russian Navy ships and submarines, including cruisers, destroyers, nuclear submarines , frigates, amphibious assault ships, minesweepers and reconnaissance ships.

At least 52 contracts worth more than $329 million have been found between Rockwool distributors and the Russian Defense Ministry. rubles (44 million euros).

Source: The Delfi





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