There was no order and 400 euros evaporated from the account: Wolt knows the name of the thief, but he will only tell the police

“I connected to the electronic bank and see that 399 euros were paid to the recipient Wolt Lithuania. I immediately rushed to check my Wolt account, but there is no such thing, there is no of such order. Delphi said Vytautas from Vilnius.

He immediately blocked his bank account and contacted Wolt customer service. He responded that due to personal protection laws, the company cannot reveal who placed the order, which was paid to Vytautas’ account.

Wolt suggested the affected customer contact the police and indicated that in this case the company would cooperate and provide all information.

“It is very regrettable that such a situation has arisen. But don’t worry, if you contacted the police, the data we have would certainly be sufficient to reimburse you for the order that you did not finalize”, replied a Wolt customer service specialist.

Vytautas wrote a statement to the police and is now waiting for the investigation to begin.

Information will be provided to the authorities

At that time, Mantas Lomsargis was the CEO of Wolt Baltics. Delphi claims that from the company’s available data, it appears that someone misappropriated the customer’s card information and used it illegally.

“In these cases, the issue is not that Wolt’s account or systems were hacked in any way, but that the customer’s card details were stolen elsewhere.” This situation is similar to when the card is stolen and used, for example, to pay for purchases in a supermarket. In this case, the shopping center does not play an active role,” explains Mr. Lomsargis.

He advises Wolt customers to use various methods to protect their data, including regularly updating their passwords, using two-step authentication, using virtual cards when shopping in online and their deactivation immediately after payment.

“The customer concerned has already contacted us, customer service has advised them to deactivate the card and to contact the police and their bank as quickly as possible. If the card or its data has been stolen, we must ask the customer to report it personally to the police, because we cannot disclose information about purchases that are not linked to the customer’s personal account due to the provisions of the GDPR. We always cooperate with the police and provide them with all information that can help with the “investigation”, says the director of Wolt Baltics.

He notes that Wolt takes fraud prevention and payment security seriously, and that all payments are processed by certified partners who encrypt payment information as soon as it is entered.

“No one at Wolt has access to all the information contained in user cards,” explains Lomsargis.

Source: The Delfi





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