The owner of Mercadona confirms that if Spain’s political climate were to happen in Portugal, it would “slow down” investment.

Mercadona president Juan Roig said that if the political climate prevailing in Spain affects Portugal, where the company is expanding, it will “slow down investment,” according to a statement by Europa Press.

Roig asked the Spanish political class to remain calm and “not to put any brakes on the wheels”. He also assured that there is a division among Spaniards “which is not good at all”.

The president of the supermarket chain made these statements at a business event to promote the Mediterranean Corridor, held in Madrid on Thursday, the second day of the investment session in the Congress of Deputies.

“Division between the Spaniards”

According to Juan Roig, “a division is being created between Spaniards that is not necessarily good” and if we continue on this path “everyone will get worse”. He also said that it is businessmen and workers who “produce wealth in this country and jobs” and called for a “framework of stability”.

A few days ago, the CEOE employers’ association, together with the representative association of small and medium-sized businesses (Cepyme) and the self-employed organization ATA, issued a strong statement attacking the investment agreements. In it, the businessmen warned of the “serious devaluation that these agreements could lead to the separation of powers” as well as the “principle of equality among all Spaniards”, among other criticisms.

Source: El Diario

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