Spain’s labor challenge: securing employment in a record labor market of 24 million people

Several employment records were broken last summer. In Spain, the historical maximum number of employed people was reached, almost 21.3 million employed people, but another ceiling was broken: the active population, people willing to work, which reached 24.1 million people. In the coming years, the labor market in Spain will expand with the reduction of its unemployment rate, which reaches 2.8 million people, the highest unemployment rate in the European Union.

The big boom in the active population from July to September is actually explained by the fact that despite intensive summer job creation (209,100 people), which is higher than the average in the years before the pandemic, unemployment also increased, by about 92,700 people. Notably, most of the increase in unemployment was for first-time job seekers (40,900), and there was also an increase in the number of those looking for work for a short time (less than three months, 88,300 people).

Source: El Diario





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