Predicts how much in 2024 the budgetary revenues of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund should grow

Expenditures in 2024 The PSDF budget will include an identical amount, almost 3.5 billion. euros and will also increase by 13.5 percent compared to this year’s budget. Among them, 2.4 billion 634 million euros will be allocated to personal health care services. 204 million euros for medicines, medical aids and rental of medical equipment. EUR – to pay for health programs and other health insurance costs.

It is also planned to allocate 37 million 3 million euros for the operation of the compulsory health insurance system and for the payment of operating costs of the institutions implementing this insurance. EUR – to compensate for the operating costs of the state social insurance fund and 167 million euros. euros – to finance functions delegated by the state with state budgetary allocations.

Both according to 2024 on January 1 and according to December 31 of the same year. As it stands, the estimated balance of PSDF budgetary circulation funds is 5.8 million. euros. The estimated budgetary reserve of the PSDF at the beginning and end of next year is 637 million. euros.

Source: The Delfi





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