Media: “Lifosa” may not close – there is talk of buying Russian raw materials through Germany

The ministry repeats the same sentence

However, in the response sent by the “Lifosa” factory itself to the “Market Square” it is indicated that preparations are being made for its preservation, and how it will happen and whether anything will change by now October, this still remains uncertain.

“Preparatory procedures are currently underway to start the temporary conservation of the Lifosa power plant. Consultations between the employer and union representatives are underway. Factory operations are suspended. We do not have information on specific changes in the situation that we can share at this time,” its representatives commented on the current state and operation of the plant.

At that time, the Ministry of Finance, asked for comment on information on whether the plant could continue operations or whether it should be retained, again sent a comment that has been repeated for some time – that the company it -itself and its shareholders are responsible for everything.

“The activities of the Ministry of Finance, which appointed a provisional administrator, are linked exclusively to the scope of powers granted by legal acts, that is, the Ministry of Finance does not participate in economic and commercial affairs daily activities of AB Lifosa”, underlined the ministry in its response. – Your questions are addressed to the provisional administrator.”

The provisional administrator does not comment

However, the provisional administrator G. Adomonis, when asked whether “Lifosa” was actually authorized to purchase the raw materials necessary for the German company, replied that this was not his competence and that he did not know Nothing.

“Right now, they’re not buying anything, and whether they want to or not, who knows. They make those decisions [gamyklos akcininkai], not me. I cannot comment and tell you what the manager or the board of directors will decide. They make decisions, and I can’t answer what they will be. This is not my competence,” commented the provisional administrator appointed by the Ministry of Finance.

And when asked if he misses communicating with Lifosa managers and hearing information, G. Adomonis replied: “I communicate with managers, but I don’t want to comment on decisions other than mine. Their initial decision was that they would eventually preserve the operation of the plant, but I don’t know if they will or not. I only know one thing: at the end of the month there will be a board meeting and they will probably make decisions there. What they will be, I do not know.

Today, Lifosa is still under repair and therefore simply cannot function. And if they work after completing the repairs, a month or more will pass before the raw materials arrive – this is an inert process. Management hopes it will work, and how that will happen from a higher authority, who knows. No one here wants the plant canned. But it’s not their decision, it’s the shareholders’ decision.”

The interviewer asked to wait for the decisions and actions of the company’s management, then it will be possible to comment.

“There are speeches, but what do the speeches mean if the management says ‘we will keep’. My job is to check the counterparties or entities with which the company cooperates and buys raw materials. Everything. No one else “It’s not my place, so I don’t want to comment on what I know or how I see it. That’s not my job. If I hear, it doesn’t mean I know,” G said. Adomonis.

“Rinkos aištė” recalls that in July “Lifosa” announced the suspension of the company’s activities and conservation works at the factory from October. Company management said at the time that the decision to preserve the plant was due to the impact of sanctions. Because of them, the company was unable to carry out normal and profitable activities, while for more than a year its work was severely hampered by the temporary administrator appointed by the Lithuanian government.

Source: The Delfi





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