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Volvo will stop producing diesel cars from 2024

Volvo Cars, which is owned by Geely, has announced that it will produce its last diesel car in early 2024 and that it will then stop production of all diesel models, making it one of the first traditional manufacturers to do so. to stop production of this type of engines.

The company announced this Tuesday in a statement released as part of Climate Week in New York, saying that the decision follows on from a move taken a year ago to abandon engine development. Burning by selling. His stake in Aurobay. “We will no longer allocate any of our R&D budget to the development of new internal combustion engines,” the company said in a statement.

Volvo Cars’ CEO, Jim Rowan, said its future lies in electric drive systems that are also “superior” to combustion engines because they produce less noise, less vibration, lower maintenance costs for our customers and zero tailpipe emissions.

“We are fully focused on building a broad portfolio of premium fully electric vehicles that will meet everything our customers expect from Volvo and will be a key part of our response to climate change,” he concluded.

Likewise, the company emphasized that this commitment to electrification is “the right thing to do” and that it is motivated by the latest Global Climate Balance Report published by the United Nations, which warns of climate urgency and urgency. to act.

Similarly, Volvo sees the decision to completely phase out diesel engines by the beginning of 2024 as an example of how quickly both the automotive industry and consumer demands are changing in the face of the climate crisis.

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