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It is proposed to authorize the sale of electronic cigarettes in pharmacies, but on one condition

Such a proposal was registered by a group of members of the Seimas for the amendment of the Law on the Control of Tobacco, Tobacco Products and Related Products: Aurelijus Veryga, Orinta Leiputė, Vytautas Kernagis, Algirdas Butkevičius, Jurgis Razma, Agnė Širinskienė, Rima Baškienė, Aušrinė. Norkienė, Viktoras Pranckietis, Antanas Matulas, Rita Tamašuniene and others.

If the Seimas approves it, the law would provide that “the sale of electronic cigarettes and their refills is permitted only in pharmacies, in accordance with the requirements of legal acts regulating pharmaceutical activities, and only in cases where electronic cigarettes and their refills are classified as medicinal preparations or compensatory medical aid.”

“Given the growing uncertainty as to which products could or could not be sold in pharmacies, we propose to clarify the draft and clearly indicate that only products which can be sold in pharmacies recognized as suitable for the treatment of addiction tobacco and which are used as aids to quit smoking. The Department of Narcotics, Tobacco and Alcohol Control has also proposed such explanatory wording to the government. It is also worth noting that the European Commission has tasked the Scientific Committee on Existing and Emerging Risks to Health and the Environment (SCHEER) to study the health effects of the use of electronic cigarettes and their influence in encouraging people to start or stop smoking,” says the members of the Seimas who registered the proposal.

They note that in 2021 May. The European Commission report states that “where electronic cigarettes are used as smoking cessation aids, they should be regulated by pharmaceutical legislation.”

“If e-cigarette sellers want to help people quit smoking, then they must conduct clinical trials and toxicity analyzes and comply with the requirements of an appropriate legal regulatory framework,” say the authors of the proposal.

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