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Green light for Immerso trips: they can start in late October, once resources are rejected

The trips organized by the Institute of Elderly and Social Services (Imserso) may start from the second half of October. The Central Administrative Court for Contractual Resources (TACRC), which depends on the Ministry of Finance, rejected the resources tendered by tourism groups that were not awarded, according to the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda, the competition. that Avoris, which is part of the Barceló group, was awarded.

Imserso believes that “travel consumers in our country can start the season of social tourism in a normal way,” he notes. To do this, he explains, “work to prepare everything for the dates that are usually marked on the calendar in the second half of October.”

After being denied resources by TACRC, the next steps for Imserso to take would be to first sign a contract with Avoris and then send letters of accreditation to travel customers.

Almost a million letters

“These letters contain information that pensioners need to book their travel in the future,” the ministry said. “After these steps, the marketing of the authorized agencies will start the travel season.

This year, the program for the 2023-2024 season has almost 900,000 seats (70,000 more than a year ago).

In addition, this year’s immersion program sought revision. Not only did he seek active aging of the elderly, “the program [de viajes] “There is a decisive impact on another phenomenon that this institute works on, as it is within the framework of state social service plans: unwanted loneliness.

Disruptions that have become commonplace

This year, unlike other competitions, the three lots that make up the competition were awarded to one company, Avoris. The tender was divided into three lots. The first, the peninsular coast, represents almost half of the treaty, about 444,000 places. Its value is more than 382 million euros. Second, tourism in the tourist areas of the island, 230,000 places, 268 million. The third, Shida, has 212,000 seats and 192 million.

After the lots were awarded in mid-summer, a scramble for resources began, which is not unusual as they have become more common in recent years, delaying the start of the journey.

This year, Soltur filed for them, deeming it “unfair” to eliminate his candidacy for Lot 1 – on the coast of the peninsula – from the fray. Mundiplan and Seniorplan, lots 2 and 3 respectively, also appealed. The delay has left the launch of the campaign up in the air and sparked criticism from the hotel sector, such as the Valencia Community Hotel Employers’ Association (Hosbec), which said the sector would have to cut around 13,000 jobs if travel did not start in October.

Source: El Diario





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