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Naresta was chosen as general contractor of the national stadium

As the portal reports, the concessionaire of the stadium, the company “Vilnius Multifunctional Complex”, managed by the BaltCap Infrastructure Fund, concluded a contract for 79.2 million with the Vilnius construction company. general contract worth EUR (without VAT).

The publication states that “Naresta” was chosen instead of “Veikmės stabybos” – the contract for the construction of the stadium was concluded with this company already in 2022, but leaving the possibility of changing the contractor.

According to Šarūnas Stepukonis, partner of the BaltCap fund, cited by “Verslo žinios”, the general contractor will have to build a stadium, football training grounds, install engineering networks on the field and clean up the environment for the amount agreed. The work must be carried out within 28 months.

According to him, from October 2021 (when the contract with Veikmės statiba was signed), these works became more expensive by 36%. – mainly because of the pandemic and inflation.

Narestas CEO Arūnas Šlenys told the portal that the National Stadium project will be the company’s largest order, but it is not expected to exceed half of the company’s annual turnover.

In a press release issued on Monday morning, A. Šlenys reported that construction work has already started and three subcontractors will be engaged for them: “Caverion Lietuva” INHUS, “Vilniaus rentinys”.

“Naresta” has carried out more than 50 projects in Vilnius, including the reconstruction and construction of the MO Museum, the Juoz Kazicks Palace, the building of the Command Security Service on T. Ševčenkos Street, etc. construction of objects. Currently, the company is also playing St. The reconversion of the territory of Jakūbos Hospital, the construction of the new building of Vasara Hospital and the Celltechna scientific production complex.

At the end of May, a building permit was issued for the Vilnius multifunctional complex project in Šeškinė. Construction work on the national stadium – as well as the entire multi-purpose complex – is expected to be completed in 2025.

The complex project will be implemented in several parts – the construction of the stadium with the sports museum, which will take the longest, will begin first. Later, at the end of this year, construction work on the cultural center, sports facilities, sports center and nursery school will begin. All items will be completed at the same time.

The national stadium will have three floors above ground and basement facilities. The total area of ​​the stadium will be 15.9 thousand. square meters.

There will also be a park near the stadium.

The Šeškinė multifunctional complex will occupy more than 228,000 square meters. area of ​​square meters.

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