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Return to offices – 1.3 trillion. dollar problem that few people have been able to solve

The only area still in turmoil is the world of work.

Three and a half years after millions of office workers were sent home en masse, businesses and governments are still unsure how to adapt to long-term changes in business life. Marked differences between continents and cultures have already emerged: Asian and European workers are returning to the office faster than their American counterparts.

Researchers found that Asian countries protected themselves better against Covid-19 during the first year of the pandemic, so people did not have time to get used to working from home and it was easier to return to the office after the pandemic. pandemic. The working habits of Europeans vary widely, with the UK having one of the highest rates of teleworking and France one of the lowest, but several European countries have already managed to pass laws enshrining working hours flexible.

But there are countries like the United States where policymakers remain largely silent, leaving it up to managers and workers to decide what to do.

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