Business leader opposes amnesty: “We don’t agree”

The president of the CEOE employers’ association, Antonio Garamendi, this Monday expressed his rejection of an amnesty for Catalan pro-independence politicians. and defended agreements between the two major parties because it would be “good” for the country. That said, he assured that businessmen want “moderation” and is in favor of Spanish unity and the 1978 constitution, which he noted does not provide for amnesty.

This is what Garamendi spoke after an hour and a half meeting with the leader of the PP and candidate for the presidency of the government, Alberto Núñez Feijo, in the framework of contacts with parties and social agents before the investiture. for September 26 and 27. Cepyme president Gerardo Cuerva also attended the meeting.

In statements to the media, immediately after leaving Genoa, Antonio Garamendi organized this meeting with Feijo – which he said went “very well” – in an “institutional” framework, after the king named him a candidate for investiture.

“He explained to us what proposals he is making and presenting to the Congress. The institutional normality that these things should have and that we, among others, always demand,” he added.

No amnesty

When asked how he evaluates the statements of Vice President Yolanda Díaz, who claims that the “Catalan conflict” could become an issue. “Political and Social” Agreement And that employers and unions should be there too, Garamendi stresses that employers have “always” said “the same thing” and are “in the same space and in the same situation”.

“I am going to make it very clear: the CEO, Cepyme, the self-employed, the Spanish businessmen are for the unity of the country, for the unity of Spain, for the 1978 constitution that has given us stability for 45 years. , and we are moving and “we are going through moderation,” he emphasized.

From this point of view, Garamendi defended the parliamentary monarchy, the separation of powers and the rule of law. “We are not going to enter party politics and statements from one or another party. Simply, what we want is moderation, moderation, moderation and work, which has been done for so many years,” he said.

In addition, he noted that parties that work for this moderation take 95% of the vote in Spain, adding that the CEO “does not depend on who governs” but we must “respect institutions, forms and time” . ” “We will always be there for dialogue and we will work, but always within the framework of the constitutional order,” he emphasized, stressing that this is what they have “always” said.

When asked if they sat down at the table to talk, as the vice president suggests, Garamendi replied that it is not a matter of whether they sat down or not. “We are talking about amnesty. Do we agree? No,” insists that amnesty is not in the 1978 Magna Carta.

“I am very clear. We stand by the 1978 constitution and the agreement that was fundamental that the politicians of our country made. We want the two main parties to sit down and reach an agreement, which we are doing,” he said, stressing that it would be “very good for Spain.”

Source: El Diario





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