The first factory of this type in the Baltics is opened in Naujaja Akmene: around 100 million euros are invested. euros

According to Sigitas Paulauskas, the sole shareholder and investor of the VMG Group, the demand for this production is dictated by the European green rate and the growing market in Western Europe and Scandinavia, where currently around 30% new buildings are constructed from sustainable building structures.

“Now, when we start manufacturing these products in Lithuania, it creates an opportunity to make a breakthrough both in the stalled renovation of buildings and in the replacement of traditional polluting building materials – steel and carbon. concrete, by organic materials like wood.” So that this does not turn into numbers in the country’s export lines, but to start creating value in our country, the concentrated efforts of science, the state, developers, engineers, architects , municipalities and other specialists are needed,” notes S. .Paulauskas.

According to Arvydas Avulis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanner, organic building structures have many prospects and fit into the EU green strategy, and the need for sustainable building structures will increase significantly in the future. The investments in the factory for sustainable building structures are in line with the strategic direction of the Hanner Group: to continue working in the construction and real estate sector and at the same time enable the diversification of the investment portfolio of Hanner.

It is planned to create around 200 high-value jobs at the VMG Lignum construction plant, developed by the VMG Group, Hanner and the Baltic Industrial Fund II managed by BRAITIN. Investments in the project in the first stage will reach around 100 million. euros.

“This is an important event not only for the Lithuanian industry, but also for the fund market. Real estate, stocks and bonds dominate the choice of investors,” says Rytis Davidovičius, shareholder and director of BRAITIN.

The factory will produce laminated veneer lumber (LVL), two-layer beams (I-beams), construction particle boards, and the range is expected to be expanded later. The annual production capacity of the newly opened factory is 120,000 people. LVL of cubic meters, 15 million. linear meters of I-joists and 200 thousand. cubic meters of construction particle board.

The production is expected to be sold in the local market and exported to markets in Scandinavia, North America, Australia and Europe.

UAB “VMG Lignum construction” will take care of the production of sustainable construction and renovation materials, marketing will be ensured by UAB “VMG Lignum”, and the design and engineering skills required for this industry will be supplied by UAB “VMG”. Lignum Systems”.

The sustainable building structures factory is the third industrial object developed by the VMG Group in the Akmene SEZ, but the first developed in collaboration with partners.

The VMG group brings together 20 companies and 3,000 employees. workers. More than 90 percent of the company’s products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

Source: The Delfi





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