Presidency: the additional NPD proposed per child could reach 87 euros

According to him, it would cost around 60 million. euros, but income, according to V. Augustinavičius, would be obtained after the introduction of the high income progressivity provided for in the tax reform.

“The President proposes to introduce an additional amount of tax-free income per child, it could reach 87 euros. In this way, another goal would be achieved, so that e.g. For a person who earns the minimum wage and has two children, his total tax-free income will reach the minimum wage, this is another strategic goal of Lithuania,” the presidential adviser told LRT radio.

“It would cost around 60 million euros and it would be lower expenditure than what the income would have been if the tax reform had introduced the progressiveness of high incomes, that is to say that high incomes are taxed not according to the form of the income, but according to the amount. This place is also financially balanced,” he pointed out.

ELTA recalls that the head of the President Councilor Irena Segalovičienė said last week that the leader of the country proposes to introduce tax relief for families in order to reduce inequalities and bring the NDP closer to the minimum monthly wage (MMA) – this which is a strategic objective.

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Security and Labor Monika Navickienė says the presidency’s proposal to introduce tax relief for families is questionable, but in recent years has gone the other way – l children’s money, and there is no need to replace it. measure with another. Also, according to her, the presidency should indicate how much such a decision would cost the budget and what would be the source of the income.

Source: The Delfi





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