Seven banks have already paid more than 50 million. solidarity tax: how much each transferred

According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Finance, more than 56 million has been collected in the state budget by the set date. euros of this contribution, which will be used to finance military mobility and military transport infrastructure projects. A total of 18 credit institutions paid the deposit.

How Delphi Bank representatives informed that for the second quarter of this year, seven banks transferred the anticipated amount of the solidarity contribution: the maximum – 25 million. EUR – Swedbank, SEB – EUR 16 million, Luminor – 8.3 million. EUR, Šiaulių banksas transferred EUR 2.2 million. EUR, “Citadel” – 1 million. EUR, “Revolut” – 0.57 million. EUR and Medicinas banksas – 0.37 million. EUR.

Swedbank made an advance payment of the solidarity contribution on Wednesday in the second half of the day – it transferred 25 million to the National Tax Inspectorate (VMI). euros.

Swedbank has calculated the advance of the solidarity contribution of this amount from the profit made since the date of entry into force of the law (16 May) until the end of the second quarter of the year (30 June) .

SEB earned 81.2 million during the second quarter. Net profit in EUR unaudited.

“This was influenced by the increase in loan volumes (in the first half of the year the bank originated 23% more new corporate loans than in the first half of 2022) and by the increase in net income from interest, the increase in which was mainly influenced by the change in interest rates from negative to positive.

SEB Banks along with other SEB companies operating in the country in 2023. contributed 34.4 million to the Lithuanian budget in the second quarter. EUR of various taxes, including income tax. In addition, the SEB banks transferred nearly 16 million euros. the first advance payment of the solidarity contribution for 2023. in the second quarter”, Delphi commented Ramūnas Bičiulaitis, Financial Director of Banque SEB and Head of Business Support.

Luminor Bank paid 8.3 million for the second quarter. solidarity fee of EUR. According to VMI’s previous interpretation of the payment procedure, Luminor calculated that it should pay 7 million. euros.

Earlier, the bank said it earned 53.2 million in April-July. Net profit in euros or 81 percent. more compared to the same in 2022. period.

in the second quarter, Luminor earned 53.2 million euros, net profit increased by 81 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

“In the first 6 months of this year, Luminor’s net profit in the Baltic countries reached 113.4 million euros, which is 2.6 times more than last year over the same period. Its growth is explained by a sharp increase in net interest income, the rise of which is directly correlated to the ECB’s monetary policy and the rise in key interest rates.This effect was considerably reinforced by the fact that the interest rate has been kept at a very low level for many years,” The Postedia bank representatives previously commented.

Šiaulių bankas transferred 2.2 million for the second quarter of the year. deposit in euros, the bank announced on the Nasdaq stock exchange on Wednesday. According to the interpretations of the VMI available so far, it is calculated that the bank will not have to pay the contribution for the year 2023.

“After receiving the award 2023 August 24 New methodological instructions for calculating the VMI solidarity contribution, which fundamentally destroy and change the previous interpretations of the application of the law presented by this institution, the bank re-estimated the amount of the ‘contribution obligation for 2023. in the first half of the year, which amounts to 2.2 million euros,’ the statement from the bank to the stock exchange indicates.

The discounted total negative impact on the results of Šiaulių bankas and the Šiaulių bankas group in the first half amounts to 1.8 million. euros.

Bank “Revolut” transferred almost 0.57 million to the budget. euros.

“According to preliminary calculations, for 2023 in the second quarter, we paid almost 0.57 million euros. This figure is calculated for the share of Lithuanian customers, who represent approximately 1.5 percent. of our entire global clientele”, explains the representative of the bank
Akvilė Adomaitytė.

Medical Bank paid 0.37 million. Solidarity contribution advance of EUR.

In the first half of this year, according to unaudited data, she earned 4.7 million. Net profit in EUR – 2.6 times higher than the same period last year (1.8 million euros).

Credit institutions had to pay the first installment before August 31. The amount to be paid is not calculated from the total profit, but from the part of the net income which represents at least 50 percent. higher than the average of the four years. 60 percent is applied to this amount. contribution rate.

The organizers of the solidarity contribution planned to use the income received to improve the national defense infrastructure, in order to prepare for the reception of more Allied forces in Lithuania.

“In these difficult geopolitical circumstances, the law on the temporary solidarity contribution, adopted by the Seimas, contributes significantly to strengthening the security of Lithuania. The funds from this contribution will be used to finance military mobility projects and dual-use transport infrastructure, as well as the military infrastructure needed to accommodate NATO allied forces,” Finance Minister Gintarė Skaistė said.

The Bank of Lithuania estimates that the total amount of the first installment will be around 50 million. euros. During 2023 it should collect about 250 million EUR, and during the entire period of application of the temporary tax (until 2025) – up to 440 million. euros.

Source: The Delfi





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