The Francos sold another parking company in Madrid and installed the dictator’s “Most Magnificent”.

Descendants of dictator Francisco Franco continue to cash in on their substantial real estate holdings. Now it’s the turn of the owner of a parking lot in the Chamber district of Madrid. At the same time, Carmen Martínez-Bordieu, the dictator’s eldest granddaughter, quit the only position she had left as administrator of the family companies.

The Association of Garage Owners at Calle Ríos Rosas 47 in Madrid recently received a letter informing them that the Francos, and specifically Jaime Martínez-Bordieu, “are handling the sale of the Sociedad Proalrevisa (the company that carries out the presidency). of the community) to Mr. Pedro Gomez Gomez”.

The sale of this company is already listed in the trade register. On May 18, it was registered, among others, the dismissal of Jaime Felipe Martínez-Bordieu himself as president and CEO of Proalrevisa, whose board of directors included another regular of Franco’s companies for decades, Javier Arenas Miralles.

Sarey Investments, a company owned by a branch of the Reyzábal family, Saralegui Reyzábal, also participated as a shareholder in the board of Proalrevisa. The family made a huge fortune during the Franco regime with cinemas, nightclubs and real estate in Madrid. Among them, the lost Windsor building, which stood not far from the Rio Rosas parking lot.

Until now, Proalrevisa has lived in a car park located in a very wealthy area of ​​the capital and advertised on a central street in Madrid with beautiful signs with a very 50s air. The farm, as recorded in the property registry, is distributed over two underground floors and has an area of ​​almost 4,000 square meters. The garage has mixed reviews on Google. “The most expensive car park in the whole area, I was charged €7.50 for two hours when I was in Calle Ponzano,” said a review from two years ago.

The car park is located near the Paseo de la Castellana, the Renfe Cercanías de Nuevos Ministerios station or the Geomining Museum. It also has access from another Calle Cristóbal Bordieu, which, coincidentally, takes its name from an ancestor of the Franco family, a 19th-century minister and father of the first Marquis of Villaverde.

As a result of the sale, the owner of the parking lot, Proalrevisa, who this department contacted last Tuesday without receiving a response, now has a new administrator, Esperanza Gómez. The buyer, Pedro Gomez, who could not be reached, had run a Ford dealership in Leganes (Madrid) for years. There he has several companies dedicated to the real estate business. Proalrevisa settled in a chalet in Valdepelayos, a residential area in the city south of Madrid, which is also home to the company that is its sole partner.

Jaime Martínez-Bordiú “has been asked by the new owner to continue his relationship with the said company for a while and to continue as president,” according to a letter accessed by this media.

Proalrevisa, the company that the Francos and their partners recently sold, was founded in 1991. Its main activity is “protection and maintenance of vehicles”, according to its latest reports, from 2022. Last year, it reported a profit of around 116,500 euros. And according to these reports issued on April 25, 1.47 million investments were recorded in real estate. The amount for which its owners sold Ríos Rosas 47 is not known, but the capital gain will be in the millions in any case.

Rosary of companies

The Francos have been shedding real estate ballast for decades, a process that accelerated in late 2017 after the death of the dictator’s only daughter, Carmen Franco. In 2019, they sold one of Elliott Vulture Fund’s parking companies for 8.5. The millionaire clan, Estaacionamientos Urme, owns the parking lot of the Meliá Princesa Hotel in the capital.

The same foundation, headquartered in the Cayman Islands, paid another 8.2 million that year for the Atocha 70 parking lot, in which the eldest grandson of the dictator, Francisco Franco Martínez-Bordieu, the Marquis of Villaverde, appeared as an administrator until 2014, when he changed his surname and name. He put his grandfather first.

With Proalrevisa, another name disappears from the vast rosary of clan companies, the result of the multi-million inheritance of the dictator’s only daughter. investigation Country In 2019, he estimated the assets of Franco’s grandchildren’s companies at more than 100 million, with more than 400 properties to his name.

The sale of Proalrevisa coincides with the recent dismissal of Carmen Martínez-Bordieu as director of another family company, the real estate company Fiolasa SL, one of the companies with the most assets. The resignation of Franco’s eldest grandson, 72 years old, was registered in the commercial register on August 8.

The so-called “Big” brothers were appointed director of Fiolasa in early 2018, after the previous sole administrator, Carmen Franco, died at the age of 91. A few weeks after that appointment, Martínez-Bourdieu, the last ex-Duchess of Franco (a title she inherited from her mother and which the government revoked after the new Democratic Memory Law came into effect in 2022), was sentenced by the National. The court has to pay more than half a million euros to avoid income tax.

More famous for her appearances in the gossip press than for her professional activities (“I’ve lived my whole life without a job,” she said on the cover of Diez Minutos magazine at the end of 2017), the only position that Carmen Martínez-Bourdieu has. In Spanish companies is the sole administrator of Onarf SL.

Dedicated to public relations and apparently inactive for years (its most recent accounts are from 2015), the Madrid City Council has recently given this company an urgent and diligent order to collect tax arrears. The notice was published in the BOE just a few days ago on August 24.

In addition to Fiolasa, the “niestísima” appeared until 2021 on the board of another clan company, Sargo Consulting, which was recently absorbed by Fiolasa. In the latter, with more than 15 million in assets, the youngest grandson of the dictator, Aranzazu Martínez-Bordieu, 60, was recently appointed as CEO.

Alvaro Franco Guissola, grandson of the dictator (he is the son of Francis Franco) and engineer specializing in nanotechnology, Alvaro Franco Guissola also became a director. The company has recently implemented a capital reduction in the amount of 315,598 euros.

with Golden Martial

Operating garages in Madrid has been an important business channel for the Franco clan for decades. In March 2002, another of his companies, Oceans Eleven, bought another parking lot at 359 Bravo Murillo from Progamallo, a firm linked to drug lord Marcial Dorado, the current leader in the famous photo on the yacht. PP, Alberto Nunez Feijo.

Progamallo bought the property in 1998 for about 2.3 million euros of “illegal origin” and originated in Switzerland, according to a Supreme Court ruling. in February 2015. Selling it four years after its purchase, it received 7.2 million (plus VAT) from Oceans Eleven, more than three times that. But the sale was notarized for a much lower amount, less than 5 million. This allowed the Galician drug trafficker to pocket €794,133.37 in corporation tax from the Treasury, according to the Supreme Court.

Oceans Eleven was then 100% owned by another Franco company, Centro de Agentes Unidos del Calzado Español, SL (Cauce SL), which a few years ago was fined 2 million to the Treasury by the National Court. and interest for transferring a suite of offices and parking spaces to another clan firm in 2003 without paying taxes.

Source: El Diario





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