Research: Employees are more motivated by extra vacation days

“It’s clear that extra vacation days are one of the most motivating tools for employees, giving them the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, do their favorite activities, travel more or relax. Interestingly, data from this year’s survey showed that the popularity of pension fund contributions is on the rise.

We see that such employer initiatives contribute to spreading public financial literacy, reducing the gender income gap and future pensions,” said Konstantinas Vaškevičius, senior project manager of the department Business Customers of the company.

Employees who participated in the survey also cited other motivational measures. The possibility of working from home is no less important than an additional vacation day (29%). Admittedly, it is much more often chosen by women (35%) than men (21%), those aged 18-39 (39%) and those raising one to three minor children (33%).

One in four employees (23%) who took part in the survey indicated that they would like to be encouraged by additional employer contributions to the fund, where they can also save for their retirement. Employees aged 40 to 59 (27%), inhabitants of large cities (25%) and those raising three minor children (36%) are the most interested in this added value.

Almost half of employees (41%) said they were also interested in learning programs, the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications and improve their skills. Women (46%) are more determined to study and acquire new knowledge than men (35%). 18-29 year olds (52%) and 30-39 year olds (49%) expect the most opportunities for improvement in the workplace.

“A better emotional climate in the company is determined not only by the freedom to reconcile work and personal life, but also by savings programs for the future of employees. I think this was also due to the participation of employers themselves – we see companies that already have pension accumulation programs at the top of the employer rankings.The tax advantages for socially responsible employers also show that this is a strategic orientation of the State,” noted K. Vaškevičius.

In May 2023, the research was conducted by the company “Norstat”. 1,000 Lithuanian residents between the ages of 18 and 74 took part in the survey.

Source: The Delfi





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