Research: Baltic residents do not promise to give up money

The study of the payment habits of residents of the Baltic countries was commissioned by UAB “CHS Investment Group”, which manages the security and collection companies “Eurocash1” in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The representative survey was conducted by data collection agency Norstat, which polled more than 3,000 people online. adult population of the Baltic countries.

Analyzing the users who most often use cash by gender, age, place of residence, it became clear that in all countries, men prefer cash more than women. In Lithuania, 25% prefer cash. men and 19 percent women, in Latvia the share of this population reaches 19 percent respectively. and 17 percent, in Estonia – 18 percent. and 8 percent

The cash payment habits of Lithuanians and Latvians are similar, while Estonians are different. In Lithuania and Latvia, the majority (up to 28%) of 50-59 year olds prefer to pay in cash. Men.

A study published last October by the European Central Bank (ECB) “The use of cash by companies operating in the euro area” revealed that over the past decade the amount of cash in the euro area went from 913 billion to 1.57 trillion euros. EUR.

96% claim to provide cash payment. companies that participated in the study. Other popular payment methods include credit cards (accepted by 87% of businesses), contactless payment cards (82%), debit cards (80%), bank transfers (75%). So far, less than half of businesses accept payments by other means: gift cards (48%), direct debits (45%), bank checks (33%), mobile payments (30%), Paypal (29%) and other methods. (e.g. cryptocurrency) – 3%.

Among the countries surveyed by the ECB, Slovakia ranks first for the proportion of businesses preferring cash payments (45%), followed by Germany (36%) and Cyprus (33%). Latvia took 5th place (27%), Lithuania – 13th (14%), Estonia – 17th (9%).

According to the study commissioned by the ECB, 100% of the population expects to continue to accept cash in the coming years. of Estonian companies that participated in the study, 99 percent. from Latvia and 95% Lithuanian companies.

Source: The Delfi





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