EIMIN: 5 million for the delivery of Lithuanian products and services abroad. euros

“Lithuania’s goal is to increase exports of high value-added products and services to important export and innovation markets for Lithuania. One of the ways to facilitate companies’ access to these markets is to obtain the necessary certificates and present their high value-added products at international fairs held abroad.Therefore, financing under this measure will be beneficial for both companies, as it will increase its competitiveness, and for Lithuania as a whole, because it will further increase the growth of exports, which in the first quarter of this year amounted to 10.1 billion euros and increased by 2.8%”, said the Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė.

EIMIN notes that the export of goods of Lithuanian origin in the first quarter of this year reached 6 billion. EUR, and export of services – 4.2 billion. euros. According to data from the Bank of Lithuania, the export of services in 2023 in the first quarter it was 14.3%. higher than that of 2022 in the first quarter.

“Export growth shows we are on the right track with funding through measures such as Expo Opportunities for Advanced.” These funds will not only help SMEs in the capital region maintain their existing business positions, but will also enable them to enter new markets more easily and firmly. This will also contribute to the growth of Lithuania’s gross domestic product,” EIMIN Chancellor Iveta Paludnevičiūtė said.

The selection of projects based on the “Expo Opportunities for Advanced” call will be made through a one-step bidding process. Eligible applicants are SMEs. According to the ministry, the project partners are not eligible for this measure.

According to EIMIN, the maximum possible amount of funding for the project is 150 thousand. EUR, the minimum is 15 thousand. euros.

Project implementation plans can be submitted to the Public Enterprise Innovation Agency until November 6 this year, the ministry informs.

The measure “Exposure opportunities for advanced” is implemented with funds from the investment program of European Union funds 2021-2027, reports EIMIN.

To strengthen the Lithuanian economy, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation until 2023 will announce calls for funded activities with a total value of almost one billion euros. Around 365 million 320 million euros for business, innovation and investment. 268 million euros for the digitization of the state and companies. euros – for a greener economy, the statement recalls.

Source: The Delfi





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