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The Seimas regulated the recovery of illegal state aid

Amendments to the Competition Law provide for the obligation for all aid providers to coordinate aid measures with the Competition Council in accordance with the procedure established by the government, thus reducing the likelihood of granting aid. illegal or incompatible aid at the municipal level.

The amendment to the law also regulates the actions of aid providers and the State Tax Inspectorate, which must be taken when it becomes clear that illegal aid has been provided. In order to clarify the regulations, the legal act specified the functions of the President of the Competition Council.

Another innovation of the law – from now on, the Competition Council will have to be informed not only of the cases where the Lithuanian courts apply the provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU establishing prohibitions of infringements of competition, but also when the only competition law is applied. Accordingly, the amendments established the provision that the copy of the court decision adopted under the Competition Act should be sent to the Competition Council immediately after its publication.

Some of the amendments enter into force from 2023. September 1, the other part – from 2024. January 12

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