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VTEK will not investigate the behavior of Litexpo board member and Telia Lietuva employee Golod

VTEK had received a request for a behavioral compliance assessment from A. Golod with the provisions of the Law on Alignment of Public and Private Interests (VPIDĮ) of A. Golod, who is also at the head of one of the companies that took part in the public offering purchases organized by “Litexpo” for the NATO summit.

“After collecting and analyzing additional elements, the commission did not find that A. Golodas, member of the board of directors, participated in the meetings of the board of directors of Litexpo, where the problems related to the event from the documents submitted, it appears that the board member mentioned had retired from matters related to the NATO event and therefore did not fall into a conflict of interest situation, as defined by the VPIDĮ.

After evaluating the documents and information submitted, it has not been established that A. Golod, in the performance of his duties as a member of the Litexpo Board of Directors, would have acted in a situation of direct and manifest conflict of interest. and violated the VPIDĮ with such actions, so the commission did not open an investigation into the compliance of A’s behavior. Golod with the provisions of the mentioned law”, – says the VTEK report.

ELTA recalls that with the approach of the NATO summit in July, the transparency of the preparations began to be questioned in the public space – if the Litexpo exhibition hall, which will host the meeting, reasonably leads the majority of the necessary public contracts through unannounced negotiations, with possible overpayments.

The Public Procurement Department (VPT) has agreed to examine the complaint of the telecommunications company “Bitė Lietuva” regarding the competition for the provision of communication services, which took place in a possibly non-transparent and unannounced manner . The company notes that A. Golodas, the head of the large business division of Telia Lietuva, which won the tender, is also a member of the board of Litexpo, so he could have influenced the results of the tender.

In addition, VPT not only conducts a detailed assessment of this purchase, but also intends to examine other transactions concluded through closed negotiations – in order to determine the validity of such a method. In total, VPT has information on more than 20 purchases made or in progress.

In June last year, the government adopted a resolution “On the organization of the meeting of the leaders of the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Lithuania in 2023”, in which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Litexpo” (together or separately) was obliged to ensure the preparation of the “Litexpo” exhibition hall for the meeting of the leaders of the Alliance in accordance with NATO requirements.

99 percent Litexpo shares are held by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

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