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Swedish online store “Boozt” expands its branch in Lithuania

According to Marc Rosello, head of technology development at Boozt, opening a branch in Lithuania was motivated by the cultural similarities between Lithuania and Sweden, as well as the short one-hour flight connecting the countries. in 2022 At the suggestion of “Boozt” employees, the office was moved to “Darbotek” in Paupia, where 100 individual workstations were installed.

Boozt Technology Baltics, which currently employs over 50 people, most of whom are software developers, accounts for 27%. all of the company’s IT staff. in 2023 Boozt plans to expand its IT branch to Vilnius and is looking for middle and upper level PHP programmers, website reliability engineers and application developers.

“The team in Lithuania is working with colleagues in Sweden, Denmark and Poland to implement various complex functions of Boozt, including ensuring the proper functioning of the company’s two mobile applications and the online store, as well as develop solutions that facilitate the processing of the enormous amount of data collected by Boozt on goods.

The Boozt team in Lithuania is also responsible for 1,000 AutoStore robots that manage and collect goods from an automated warehouse in Sweden. More than 50 software developers from the Vilnius office belong to the “Boozt Platform” department, which has a total of more than 190 software developers,” Rosello says.

According to the Managing Director of Invest in Lithuania, Boozt Technology Baltics is a great example of what Lithuanian talent is capable of and further proof that our long-term strategy to increase the country’s attractiveness for international market players bears its fruits.

“Given the rapid growth of the company over the past two years, I have no doubt that the expansion of the Lithuanian team will allow Boozt to continue to achieve its goals – both in the coming year and in the future,” said Elijus Civilis.

The company “Boozt Fashion AB” in 2011 was founded in Malmö, Sweden. Boozt has launched a platform that sells fashion, children’s, sports, beauty and home brands. In the 10 years since its inception, Boozt’s number of employees has grown from 34 to over 1,000, and the company currently has offices in Sweden, Denmark, Poland and Lithuania.

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