Unions demand Feijo clarify his position on labour, pension and minimum wage reform

“Clarity” before the general election on key agreements reached in this legislature, such as labor reform, pensions and the minimum wage. This is what the leaders of the majority unions, Unai Sordo (CCOO) and Pepe Alvarez (UGT), have demanded, with a special call for people with governance options, such as the People’s Party, whose leader claims that he. “Abolish Sanchism” if it reaches the central executive, but without detailing how far this legislative breakdown will go in labor and social affairs.

The message from the trade union centers comes ahead of the 23J election campaign, when the parties will publish their programs and promises for the upcoming legislature. Also after PP leader Alberto Núñez Feijoo announced that he would “touch” on labor reform, although he did not specify in what sense.

As this is a reform included in Europe’s post-pandemic recovery plan, Spain risks millions in fines from Brussels if Feijo cancels it, as well as pensions or housing.

“The trade unions have the right, and I would say the obligation, to call on the political forces, especially those who have the choice of government, to make a clear statement about what they will do with these reforms,” ​​the already approved statement reads. Unai Sordo at the press conference.

The majority of trade unions emphasized labor reform, pension reform and the goal of reaching the minimum wage (SMI) of 60% of the average wage, but also other measures such as the Riders Law, teleworking or the abolition of sick leave. medical leave.

Failure to specify would be “democratic fraud”

Although the unions reiterated that the call is general for all parties, that it is not directed at one force or candidate, they also emphasized that the position of the main parties is particularly relevant and warned that the statements of the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, they are not clear.

“To say there will be a touch is to say everything and say nothing,” said Pepe Alvarez, of Alberto Núñez Feijoo’s general statement on the new labor framework agreed by the coalition government with unions and employers. “It cannot remain “I’m going to play or I’m not going to play”. The parties have an obligation to analyze what the conditions are, and if there is no such statement, the citizens will know what to expect in any case,” added the general secretary of the U-G-T. .

CCOO leader Unai Sordo was more critical, arguing that “it would be a democratic fraud for parties to go to the polls in the same way they did on labor, pension and SMI reform.” Other far-reaching measures for the working population.

Sordo asked for clarity on already approved reforms so that citizens know what to expect in the future. “Is anyone going to undo the labor reform that created three million permanent workers?” Will the temporary work or service contract be reinstated?”, the CCOO leader said for example.

Agreed reforms and “good results”

As for pensioners, union leaders have asked for clarity on whether the cost of pensions will continue to rise, as agreed in the pension reform and supported by both unions and employers. “Will the 0.25% increase go back to what it was before?” trade unions ask, eyeing the 2013 PP pension reform that the People’s Party argued against the current reform.

Trade union centers highlighted the achievements of the coalition government of PSOE and Unidas Podemos in this legislature, where they highlighted the great momentum of social dialogue and the record of social agreements on many issues, from the ERTE to self-government. Employed quotas, among others.

Reforms, especially labor, which unions have highlighted not only for their consensus, but also for their results, which have reduced temporary work to a minimum as never before and while the peak of employment is fixed. “They have had extraordinarily positive results for Spanish society,” emphasized Pepe Alvarez, as well as for the economy itself, as a driver of activity and family income.

Source: El Diario





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