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Benkunskas: the company that felled the oak does not intend to stop and attacks the old chestnut tree

“It is clear from public announcements that the UAB “Rinktinės NT” has no intention of stopping and is now encroaching on an old chestnut tree with a diameter of 85-90 cm growing on the same plot. company says they plan to remove the tree from the Engineering Networks Protection Zone and transplant it somewhere because it interferes with their project (it’s unclear which one, because it just doesn’t exist) “, – Tuesday Facebook V. Benkunskas said in the story.

“Such “care” for living nature again seems insincere, simply because transplanting a chestnut tree of this age is a complex process that must be prepared for at least 4 years, gradually adapting the root system of the tree. Of course, if you really want the plant to survive,” he noted.

According to the head of the capital, the company is carrying out a public relations campaign on the relocation of the horse chestnut tree in order to continue clearing the area of ​​vegetation.

“Although after the illegal felling of the oak it was said that the project was stopped. After all, the procedures for the development of real estate projects dictate that, first of all, design proposals for future construction must be prepared, where the volumes of buildings could be placed, and only then decide which engineering networks remain and whether it is necessary to remove greenery from their protective zone.And if there is a sincere desire – to preserve the A good example is Vilnius Heat Networks, which saved 160 trees during the reconstruction of heating lines this year alone,” the politician explained.

“And anyway, in recent weeks the UAB “Rinktinės NT” tried to prove that they cut the oak tree legally, following a detailed plan. I repeat once again – this is an act unequivocally illegal.The detail plan itself stated that these trees were negotiated during the engineering design and it was during the design task that permission was not granted and this tree should be preserved. Moreover, the permit, which is mandatory to remove trees, was never granted,” he pointed out.

Finally, V. Benkunskas recalled that a preliminary investigation has been opened due to the illegal actions of the owner of the land and that the Environmental Protection Department is assessing the damage caused to the environment.

“The salvage value fine imposed by the municipality has still not been paid. Not to mention some kind of contact with the community and a decent apology,” Vilnius mayor said.

“And in this light, the ‘rescue’ of the chestnut tree takes place. I do not change my position and I am even more certain that an uncompromising response is necessary to put an end to these wild traditions of urban planning”, has he assured.

ELTA recalls that in May a perennial oak tree was felled in the center of Vilnius on Ceikinių Street. V. Benkunskas called it vandalism and assured that the property developers did not have a permit to cut down the tree.
President Gitanas Nausėda also expressed his displeasure, calling it a barbaric attack.

At this time, last week, “Rinktinės NT” announced that it would look for ways to move another tree that is hindering the development of the project from its current location.

In a statement released on Saturday, the company informed that it intends to invest in tree research to determine if it is possible to relocate the chestnut tree that grows on Ceikinių Street. This tree, according to the company, grows above a sewer line that needs repairing.

Ceikinių st. The indirect owner of the plot in 2, where the long-lived oak was felled, is Toomas Annus, who is considered one of the richest businessmen in Estonia.

Source: The Delfi





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