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The price of public electricity from July has been unveiled: no compensation is planned

Based on the approved prices, the tariff for the “Standard” single time zone plan of the public distribution company “Ignitis” will be 22.7 cents per kilowatt hour (VAT included). It’s 18.93 percent. that is 5.3 cents less than in March-June. fixed rate (28 cents per kWh).

The daytime electricity price for both time zones will be 26.1 cents per kWh from July 1 and 15.8 cents at night (now 28 and 19.3 cents per kWh, respectively). The Home plan will cost 21.1 (now 26.50) in one time zone, and 24.3 for the day and 14.9 at night for two time zones (currently 28 and 18.3 cents per kWh). This last plan also includes a fixed component of 3 euros per month.

The government did not adopt a resolution regarding the compensation of electricity prices in the second half of this year. The Department of Energy said in a previously released statement that it was proposed to forgo electricity compensation in the second half of the year, given reduced wholesale electricity market prices and VERT’s forecast for the second half of this year.

In detail, VERT has determined the components of the price of electricity: from July 26.9%. the purchase price of electricity decreases (down to 11.605 cents per kWh, excluding VAT), but all the other components remain unchanged: the VIAP will reach minus 0.780, the price of the public supply service will be 0.756, the service transmission in low-voltage network – 6.814, the additional component (supply activity) – 0.005 cents.

The infographic shows the wholesale price of electricity on the exchange over the past six months. According to preliminary data, May will be slightly more expensive:

The public offer applies to consumers in the third phase of liberalization of the electricity market who have not chosen an independent supplier. These households with the lowest electricity consumption may not choose a supplier for at least two years.

It should be noted that there are no plans to apply compensation to users of independent suppliers. This week, the government will consider a draft ministerial resolution, which states that suppliers have the option of reducing prices for residential consumers, and that residential consumers can choose another independent supplier offering the most reasonable electricity price.

“It is considered that a compensation of part of the price (…) in the second half of 2023 is inappropriate”, reads the document.

Regarding natural gas, the Government’s decision is awaited

As for natural gas, the government’s decision on compensation is awaited. The Cabinet of Ministers will decide on this issue on Wednesday. It is likely that this week GREEN will approve the final rates.


“In the draft resolution, it is proposed to determine the amount of compensation for part of the price for the supply of natural gas from the natural gas supplier UAB Ignitis, which is related to the costs of acquiring natural gas, equal to 0 .63 EUR/m3 including tax. Such an amount would ensure that natural gas tariffs for residential consumers would not increase from July 1, 2023,” reads the draft resolution prepared by the Ministry of Energy.

According to the ministry, for these compensations in the second half of 2023, it will take about 54.5 million from the state budget. EUR with VAT. This amount of compensation would be determined for six months – until December 31, 2023.

The current price of gas for consumers who use it the least (for cooking) is 2.39 euros per cubic meter. meter before state compensation and 1.40 euros with compensation (plus 56 cents monthly fee).

For the second group of users (domestic heating), respectively: 1.91 euros, 0.92 euros per cube (with compensation) and 3.99 euros monthly fee.

We previously published the details provided in the GREEN letter, of what gas prices would look like from July (current prices for the first half and projected prices for the second half – with compensation are circled in red):

GREEN provides gas tariffs for domestic consumers

The ministry notes that nsubject to partial compensation, the price of natural gas would increase by more than 40%.

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