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The head of the Taiwanese representative office: this year there should be more Lithuanian companies that will receive investment from Taiwanese funds

Although he cannot provide more detailed information due to ongoing negotiations, the island’s representative in Lithuania claims that the investment will reach Lithuanian companies up to 200 million. Private investment fund in US dollars (USD), as well as 1 billion administered by the Taiwanese bank Eximbank. Loan funds in USD.

“This year, I think, very soon we will again have good information about investments in Lithuanian high value-added industry,” E. Huang told Elta.

“Hopefully we can announce cases very soon. At least one for each fund,” he said.

The 200 billion USD fund was set up last May by the Taiwanese venture capital firm Taiwania Capital for investments in Central European countries, mainly Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. After 3.5 million Funds from this fund were allocated to the Lithuanian laser start-up “Litilit” in November last year, and to the biotech start-up “Oxipit” in January this year.

“The first two investments were made in very innovative companies, they have enormous growth potential. The third will also be made in a similar company – a company that develops highly competitive cutting-edge technology in Lithuania,” noted E. Huang.

According to the representative of Taiwan, a new generation energy development company should receive investment.

Meanwhile, an 8 million €1 billion loan from Eximbank funds in USD in January for solar technology developer Solitek.

“We are also evaluating other cases. I think we will also announce them at the right time,” the head of the Taiwanese representation stressed.

E. Huang says that the representative office he heads does not participate in negotiations between investors and companies, but helps to conclude agreements.

“We encourage such investments, but we do not look directly at specific cases. But we promote them, connect investors and companies, so that they can negotiate market conditions and try to create a competitive company together” , said the representative of Taiwan in Lithuania.

Taiwan helps Lithuania develop high-tech production

ELTA recalls that economic and diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Lithuania began to develop rapidly in Vilnius in 2021. after the opening of the Taiwanese representative office in the fall, the first in the world to bear the name of an island , not its capital, Taipei.

With the warming of relations, Lithuania became the first country to which Taiwan entrusted its semiconductor technologies – in January, the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) granted Lithuanian Internet manufacturers Teltonika IoT Group objects the right to use licenses for production technologies of semiconductors and devices created by the institute. .

The value of the contract between Teltonikas and ITRI will reach 14 million. EUR – 10 million according to the bilateral cooperation plan of the governments of Lithuania and Taiwan. EUR will be allocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, the remaining 4 million. euros will be provided by the group of companies “Teltonikas”.

Based on the contract, the company will start developing the chip production industry in Lithuania, and after 5-6 years will start production in the newly built technology center in Vilnius.

In addition, in February, the Lithuanian Laser Association signed an agreement with ITRI on the joint establishment of a laser technology research and innovation center in Taiwan.

According to E. Huang, the center, which should start operating in the third quarter of the year, will look for ways to adapt Lithuanian laser technologies to industrial processes and start using them in Taiwanese industry.

According to the representative of Taiwan, the center will be established in the southern part of the island, where the companies of the extremely powerful industrial sector of Taiwan are concentrated.

“Taiwan’s market is much, much bigger. Therefore, we want to help Lithuanian laser manufacturers find ways to integrate into the Taiwanese manufacturing industry,” E. Hiangas said.

“We sincerely want to promote the application of Lithuanian laser products in Taiwan’s manufacturing sector. (…) This is a first-of-its-kind project, as it is intended only for Lithuania,” he added.

According to him, Lithuanian laser technologies are among the best in the world, but the companies developing them focus on the niche market of scientific lasers.

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