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Head of Investment Management Unit at INVL: Despite challenges, Lithuania has an excellent labor market situation

“Lithuania has an excellent situation in the labor market, the number of employees is growing, it is higher than last year. It is an impressive achievement that despite Russia’s war in Ukraine, the collapse of relations with China started a year and a half ago, none of these indicators have stopped the Lithuanian labor market and the number of employed people has increased,” V. Rūkas said in a meeting with journalists on Friday .

He claimed that the unemployment rate is very low in the whole of the Eurozone and in the United States of America, so it is not surprising that people do not feel bad about high inflation.

“Unemployment rates in the Eurozone and the United States are low or even at record highs. So it’s no wonder people are feeling pretty good even with high inflation. At the same time, the industry, which feels the stops more quickly, is weakening slightly,” said the head of the Investment Management department of INVL.

ELTA recalls that, according to data from the National Data Agency, the unemployment rate in 2023 in the first quarter was 7.7 percent. and compared to 2022 in the fourth quarter, increased by 1.3 percent. point, and compared to 2022 in the first quarter, increased by 1.4 percent. indicate.

Meanwhile, in April 2023, the average annual inflation in the country was 19.2%.

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