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Last year, the net profit of “Vilnius Prekydas” decreased to 207 million. euros

in 2022 at the end of 2018, 47,018 employees worked in “Vilnius prekybos” companies, i.e. 3,450 more than a year ago.

Activities of Vilniaus prekydas subsidiaries in 2022. faced challenges that were largely an indirect consequence of the war in Ukraine. Having used the experience gained during the pandemic to react quickly to changing circumstances and act, the group companies have maintained a stable direction. 17 percent revenue growth was influenced by inflation and expansion in Poland, Bulgaria and Sweden.

The biggest impact on the consolidated income of “Vilniaus prekybos” was exerted by “Maxima grupė”, whose income increased by almost 15%. up to 5,154 million euros. In 2022, in the Maxima Group, the highest revenue growth in terms of percentage was recorded in the markets of Poland and Bulgaria, where the development of commercial networks is underway. In Poland, 28% were registered. growth up to 1,400 million euros and 110 new stores, and in Bulgaria 21%. growth up to 240 million euros and 14 new stores. Maxima Group’s revenue from e-commerce in the Baltic States, Poland and Bulgaria increased by 5% last year.

Euroapotheca, which operates pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical wholesale distribution companies in the Baltic countries and Sweden, and e-trading company “Azeta”, its revenue in 2022 increased by 27% and exceeded 1 billion euros. This growth was mainly influenced by the transaction carried out in Sweden in October, whereby the group’s consolidated turnover in Sweden increased by 55% after the merger of the pharmacy chains Apoteksgruppen and Kronans Apotek. E-commerce turnover of the Euroapotheca group in 2022 contracted by 3%.

Akropolis Group in 2022 operated with full integration into the portfolio managed by the group in 2021. acquired the “Akropole Alfa” shopping center in Latvia and was no longer constrained by the pandemic restrictions of Covid-19 activities. This resulted in 52 percent. increased visitor flow and a 67% increase in revenue from tenants operating in Acropolis. Rental income of the Akropolis Group in 2022 was 31 percent higher than in 2021 and amounted to 75 million euros.

Akropolis Group’s financial results improved in 2022 and the company maintained a strong position in the Baltic market, although last year’s energy price challenges reduced the group’s level of profitability, which n has not reached pre-pandemic levels.

The turnover of the Ermi Group, which manages the Ermitaž and Bauhof retail chains in Lithuania and Estonia, in 2022 increased by 17% to almost 245 million euros, while the group’s e-commerce revenues fell by 5%.
E-commerce revenue growth of all business groups “Vilniaus prekydas” after rapid growth during the pandemic period, 2022 slowed to 3%, to 214 million. euros.

“The unstable geopolitical and economic 2022 environment has made it possible to retain the lessons learned during the pandemic and to apply the experience gained to act under the conditions of the decisions to be made “here and now”. Even more important is to maintain a stable direction for the group at the same time. In this way, it was possible to coordinate and ensure stable support for Ukraine and, in response to rising inflation and operating costs, to looking for ways to offer customers the most needed goods at low prices, and at the same time to carry consistent business development and pursue important projects for the commercial activities of companies”, – says Jolanta Bivainytė, President and Director of the Board of administration of “Vilniaus prekybos”.

The consolidated revenue of “Vilniaus prekybos” in Lithuania in 2022, as in the previous year, amounted to 39%, in Poland to 21% and in other foreign markets to 40%. of all income.

Profits fell for the second consecutive year

in 2022 The consolidated audited net profit of “Vilniaus prekydas” amounts to 207 million. euros (10% less than in 2021). The change in net profit was mainly influenced by the more than doubling of utilities and other operating costs, as well as a decline in profit due to the revaluation of investment assets.

“Vilniaus prekybos” companies will pay 304 million to the Lithuanian state over the past year. Taxes in euros, 5%. more than in 2021.

Of the accumulated net profit of “Vilniaus prekydas”, 440 million were allocated for the payment of dividends. euros. Most of the dividends will remain with the company in the holdings of the VP group above, thus ensuring opportunities for further development.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Bertona Holdings Limited purchased all stakes in Vilniaus prekyba-related companies from Vladas Numavičius. After completion of the transaction, the final beneficiaries of all companies related to “Vilniaus prekyba” are Nerijus Numa and Ignas Staškevičius.

The largest business group of Lithuanian capital and one of the largest retail trade groups in the Baltic States and Central Europe “Vilniaus prekyba” through its subsidiaries – “Maxima grupė”, “Euroapotheca”, “Ermi group” and “Akropolis Group” – manages chain stores and pharmacies and shopping centers and operates in the Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria and Sweden. in 2022 “Vilniaus prekyba” indirectly managed 2,475 outlets (538 in Lithuania).

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