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The government is starting a scholarship of up to 7,000 euros for the opponents of the General State Administration

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function announced this Friday that it has approved the minister’s order to launch a scholarship program for candidates of the General State Administration Corps and Scales. The aid will reach “up to 7,000 euros for the total applicant”, according to the ministry, which is headed by María Jesús Montero.

A call for access to scholarships “will be published soon,” the ministry said in a press release. “It can be annual and include the number of scholarships called for, the corpus and scales to which it applies, or the deadlines for submitting applications.”

Although the age requirements have not yet been specified, the statement indicated that the aid is aimed at “supporting young people who want to develop their professional careers in the public sector and this serves to attract talent”.

Beneficiaries “will have to study the opposition under the guidance of a specialized center or one or more manufacturers,” the statement said.

The Ministry discloses some criteria for granting aid, which will be specified in the call, for example, that “potential beneficiaries may not benefit from other aid or subsidies for the same purpose, whether public or private.” It also states that applicants’ “socio-economic and academic standing” will be “determining whether they can access aid”.

Help with one payment

The scholarship may reach up to €7,000 in total “in a one-time payment to the beneficiaries,” the press release explains. Although the amounts recognized vary from case to case.

“The basis of the call will determine the amounts that will be offered to fellows based on their particular circumstances, such as socio-economic or the opposition by which they are preparing to enter the public service,” the statement said.

INAP (National Institute of Public Administration) will be responsible for monitoring the process “which will manage applications and screen scholarship recipients,” the Treasury said. “For this work, INAP will use its own resources that it currently has, which are sufficient to receive this type of call,” the ministry adds.

Equal opportunities and talent attraction

The Ministry of Finance and Public Function primarily emphasizes the two objectives of the scholarship announcement. On the one hand, “equality” of opportunities, so that applicants with less resources can also participate in this selection process of the administration.

Improve conditions to overcome the opposition of thousands of applicants who do not have the resources or time to compete with others for a place in the corps and scales, which requires long and exhaustive preparation,” the statement said.

“Financial resources are necessary to access this complete training, without which it will be much more difficult to get good results in the selective tests. For these reasons, the first objective of this scholarship program is to end the limitation of access to these careers and bodies for those who start from a disadvantaged socio-economic position,” the Ministry explains.

Second, the public function emphasizes the goal of “attracting talent.” “First of all, those bodies and dimensions of AGE that usually require more dedication due to the complexity of the work performed by public employees in these areas.”

The Ministry recalls that with similar goals, there are other scholarship programs “such as the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IEF), under the Ministry of Finance and Public Functions, which annually awards training scholarships.” Specifically, for young people studying subjects such as law, economics, statistics and documentation, with funding of “around €1,000 per month”.

Source: El Diario





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