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The turnover of the Grigeo group at the beginning of this year is 4.2 million. euros higher than a year ago

The company announced through the stock exchange that the group had earned 9.7 million during the reporting period. Profit before tax, ie 6.8 million euros. euros more than the same period in 2022. period.

Group EBITDA is profit before tax, interest and amortization compared to 2022. increased by 6.9 million in 3 months. euros and reached 12 million euros.

During the reporting period, AB Grigeo’s sales reached 27.7 million. EUR, i.e. 8.7 million euros. euros more than in 2022. the period concerned.

During the reporting period, the Company earned 7.4 million. Profit before tax, ie 6.6 million euros. euros more than the same period in 2022. period. The significant growth of the company’s pre-tax profit was determined by the result of the sale of emission quotas and the decline in the prices of energy resources.

The company’s EBITDA indicator reached 8.4 million. euros and, compared to 2022 during the same period, increased by 6.6 million euros.

The Grigeo group of companies includes AB Grigeo, UAB Grigeo Packaging, UAB Grigeo Baltwood, AB Grigeo Klaipėda, AT Mena Pak, UAB Grigeo Recycling, SIA Grigeo Recycling and UAB Grigeo Investment Management”.

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