Who paid the highest salaries in April: the amount reached almost 36,000 euros, a sanctioned company is also on the list

Based on Sodro 2023 according to April Delphi compiled lists of the top 10 companies that paid the highest average and median salaries.

The highest salaries were paid last month by the Vilnius branch of AMIC Energy Management GmbH. The average salary of 10 employees here was almost 36,000 euros before taxes. This branch performs various business support functions (financial, legal, managerial) related to the management of “AMIC Group” companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine.

Another related company “Amic Lietuva” enters the Top 10, whose 5 employees received an average of 19.6 thousand each last month. euros. These two companies in Lithuania are linked to the rental of the “Viada” gas station network.

The Lithuanian branch of “VMware International Marketing Limited”, which provides advertising services, ranks second in terms of the highest average salaries. The average salary of 6 employees in April was 22,000 euros.

Next, one of the first cryptocurrency trading startups in Lithuania, Humbility, whose 28 employees earned an average of 20.1 thousand last month. euros.

In fourth position is the branch of “Eurovia CS, as” in Lithuania, whose field of activity is real estate. There are 5 employees working here, their average salary is 19.8 thousand. euros.

The already mentioned “Amic Lietuva” is in fifth place.

The next is Rotogran, which specializes in the fertilizer sector. It employs 6 employees, whose average salary is 19.4 thousand. euros.

In seventh place is the mineral water trading company Borjomi, Russian capital sanctioned, IDS Borjomi Europe, the average salary of 11 employees in April was 18.69 thousand. euros.

As announced by the FNTT, the shares of the Lithuanian company are frozen. 60 percent IDS Borjomi International is owned by the Russian financial and industrial consortium Alfa, whose beneficiaries have been sanctioned by the war.

Shares in mineral water trading company IDS Borjomi Europe have reportedly been frozen over links to sanctioned Russian oligarchs Alexei Kuzmichev, German Khan, Mikhail Fridman and Piotr Aven.

Next is the division of the American IT company in Lithuania “Apple Lithuania”. Its 4 employees earned an average of 18,255,000 each in April. euros.

“Limarko laivininkystės kompaniya” from Klaipėda, which specializes in the market for maritime transport of frozen, refrigerated and perishable goods and in the transport of maritime containers, paid its 112 employees an average of 17,247,000 each. euros.

Saria, who sells fishmeal, completes the top ten. There are 6 employees with an average salary of 16,876 thousand. euros.

The most accurate picture of the average salary of a worker in a company is given by salary medians.
The highest median is in the already mentioned company “Humbility” (18,489 thousand euros).

In second position is Bayer, which deals with the wholesale trade in medicines and fertilizers (16,436 thousand euros) and employs 57 people.

Next comes “Basf”, which sells chemicals, with 24 employees (17.64 thousand euros).

Essity Lithuania, which sells hygiene items, ranks fourth (14,451 thousand euros). It has 28 employees.

The top five is completed by the Lithuanian subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company “Boehringer Ingelheim RCV GmbH & Co KG” (9,439 thousand euros). 21 employees work there.

Source: The Delfi





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