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The Competition Council authorized the agribusiness Krekenava to buy the former property of the company Arvi kalakutai

According to the announcement of the Competition Council, information on the intention to carry out the concentration was received on January 5 this year. It is announced that the Krekenava agribusiness plans to acquire from Imlitex Holdings assets related to turkey slaughtering, deboning, production and packing activities, as well as real estate, equipment and brands.

After assessing the circumstances surrounding the operation, the Competition Council has decided that the expected concentration will not create or strengthen a dominant position or seriously restrict competition in the markets concerned, therefore the agribusiness has been authorized to acquire the assets belonging to the company “Imlitex Holdings”.

It should be noted that during the transaction, agrofirma Krekenava will acquire a real estate complex related to the slaughter of turkeys, the deboning of meat, the production and packaging of turkey products, used for wholesale turkey trade.

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