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Revenue of the Teltonikas group of companies in 2022 increased by 32%

As noted in the report, in 2022 Teltonika generated the largest share of total revenue, over 51%, from transportation management and tracking products for professionals. The second largest revenue share was the industrial network equipment business area, whose revenue already exceeded 43%. of the total revenue of the consolidated group of companies.

Teltonika EMS, which provides design and assembly services for electronic products, is the fastest growing among all the companies in the group. The company’s revenues increased 2.5 times – from 5 million to 13.6 million euros – and accounted for 5 percent. of the total consolidated result.

The production of charging stations for electric cars launched last year by the group of companies “Teltonikas” generated almost one million euros. turnover in euros.

Teltonika Energy, which is responsible for this line of business, continues to rapidly increase the number of customers. This year, the “Teltonikas” group of companies also plans to launch the sale of telemedicine equipment, the report notes.

“In 2022, more than 96% of the group’s products are exported to 170 countries around the world. Although the situation in Europe due to Russian aggression in Ukraine has unbalanced the economic climate, we have managed to remain well diversified and to generate approximately two-thirds of our revenue from European customers. Teltonika’s financial position has remained strong and well capitalized. Financial debts are low compared to the cash flow generated by the group of companies”, explains Artūras Kazēnas, vice -president of finance of the Teltonikas group of companies.

Net profit of the group of companies “Teltonikas” in 2022 amounted to 37.5 million euros. Last year, Teltonika allocated 2.7 million for support. EUR – this is the highest amount in the entire history of the group of companies.

in 2022 group of companies opened a new technology center in Molėtai, which will contribute to doubling production volumes.

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