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The unemployment rate in the Eurozone falls to 6.5%, a record low

The unemployment rate in Europe marks a new all-time high. After the peak it reached during the worst moments of the pandemic, unemployment fell again in the euro zone and stood at 6.5% in March, down one-tenth from the previous month and three from a year earlier. In the EU as a whole, it remains at a record low of 6%.

According to data published this Wednesday by the Eurostat statistical office, in absolute terms, there are almost thirteen million unemployed in the 27th (155,000 less than the previous month) and eleven million in euro countries (121,000 less people).

By country, Spain still leads the unemployment rate, although it has fallen by one-tenth to stand at 12.8%. About one in four unemployed people in the Eurozone is Spanish. In terms of percentage, it is followed by Greece with 10.9%, although in its case the decrease was four tenths. Italy, on the other hand, is 7.8%.

Youth unemployment is a major headache for European labor authorities as it stands at 14.3%, despite a slight decline. In absolute numbers, there are 1.7 million young people in the EU who want to work but cannot find a job. Spain leads the ranking with 29.5% youth unemployment, followed by Greece (24.2%).

Regarding the gender difference, the unemployment rate for women in the 18-year-old group was 6.3%, and for men it was 5.6%.

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