The Employment Service clarified which Ukrainians can count on health insurance

“Many are convinced that unemployed persons registered with the Employment Service are covered by compulsory health insurance at state expense. Medical institutions provide necessary assistance and some other health care services to Ukrainian war refugees, but registering with the employment service cannot compensate for additional services,” said Vaida Kamandulienė, head of the department for organizing the implementation of measures.

Even without registration in the employment service, for uninsured Ukrainians who received temporary protection, the necessary medical assistance and other necessary personal health care services are paid from the state budget, otherwise the patient’s condition could deteriorate to the point that he would require urgent medical assistance services. The state budget also covers the following services: immunoprophylaxis against COVID-19 disease, pregnancy care, examination for tuberculosis in accordance with the procedure established by the Minister of Health Protection, referral to the Disability and Work Capacity Service, the report says.

According to V. Kamandulienė, specialists of the employment service can offer registered Ukrainians counselling, mediation recruitment or other labor market services, as well as the opportunity to participate in active labor market policy measures. work – support for learning, if it is necessary to acquire qualifications or skills (including learning the Lithuanian language) or employment by subsidizing the measure, partially compensating the employer for the salary of the ‘Ukrainian employee.

More than 24.2 thousand people are currently working in the country. Ukrainians employed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and working under a labor contract. This is half of all Ukrainians of working age who came to our country. In total, since the beginning of the war, about 12.9 thousand The employment service has helped Ukrainians to find jobs, and 2.2 thousand others. jobs are currently offered to Ukrainians, the report notes.

The number of Ukrainians looking for work is also decreasing – currently there are 3.5 thousand. there were 3.7 thousand people registered with the employment service at the end of February.

Source: The Delfi





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