Romania said it would not block Ukrainian grain imports

Earlier, there were reports that Romania was planning to follow the example of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria and temporarily ban the import of Ukrainian grain. The countries mentioned have taken such action, citing the negative influence of the imports concerned on prices. Slovakia, for its part, has indicated that it is introducing the ban also due to the fact that pesticides have been found in Ukrainian cereals, the amount of which exceeds European Union (EU) standards.

“We believe the country is facing a difficult situation after other countries closed their borders,” Daea said. The Minister indicated that the Romanian authorities take seriously the results of the tests carried out in Slovakia. Romanian customs officials will take samples of Ukrainian grain in transit and track cargo shipments electronically, he said. Mr. Daea noted that Mr. Solskis had expressed his understanding.

Romanian farmers, as in other European countries, are experiencing difficulties due to cheap Ukrainian grain imports. On Thursday, the Romanian government increased the amount of the respective compensations.

Ukrainian grain has been transiting through EU countries since the Russian invasion blocked Ukraine’s traditional export routes to the Black Sea. However, due to logistical issues, the grain is stuck in the block and is beating the prices here.

Source: The Delfi





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