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Court: Grigeo will have to pay 53,000 euros for environmental pollution

The court said the Environmental Protection Department levied a tax for environmental pollution, after determining that there was no reason to apply tax relief to the company.

Furthermore, the court held that this decision satisfied the requirements of Article 10, Part 5, of the Public Administration Act (Article 8, Part 1 of the previous version of the Act) – i.e. -say that the decision clearly sets out the factual circumstances and legal acts on the basis of which the tax was calculated, the report says.

And the fact that the companies are not satisfied with the ministry’s decision does not support the conclusion that the ministry misjudged the actual circumstances.

In making its decision, the court took into account the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania of November 23, 2022 (adm. case no. eA-927-525/2022) and reduced the specified fee by EUR 87,557.11 for entry into the domestic market in 2014-2015. released amount of taxable metal packaging up to EUR 53,002.89, less for 2014 invoiced costs.

This decision can still be appealed.

Grigeo: We are hostages of a failing system

In the company’s comment to the media, it is stated that the procedure established by the legal acts of the time was followed.

“Together with 1.8 thousand other legal persons, we became hostages of the faulty and insufficiently controlled state-wide waste management system of the time, which is why the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, after having examined the Metrail case concerning the documents issued proving waste management, gave its opinion in November last year.

Although we did not commit any illegal acts, on the contrary, we strictly followed the procedure established by the legal acts of the time and transferred the management of the packaging to a company controlled by the Department of Environmental Protection. environment, we respect the court’s decision in which AB Grigeo’s complaint was partially satisfied, reducing part of the tax calculated by the Department of Environmental Protection. The amount of taxes remaining to be paid by the conditional company, compared to all the companies in the same situation, is a total of 15 million. the amount of taxes on pollution is not significant.

We remind you that in 2013-2015 UAB “Metrail”, which is currently bankrupt, mishandled 14.5 thousand tons of metal and 500 tons of plastic packaging. More than 1,800 documents were issued for this amount of illegally registered waste management. companies and organizations, including АB “Grigeo”, comments Jūratė Ramanauskaitė, head of the legal department of “Grigeo”.

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