Tears, “monetary terrorism” and no mention of a corruption conviction in an interview with Lagarde.

The program of Antena 3 ‘Espejo Público’ brought the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, this Thursday, in a very unusual terrain for her current economic representative, in an interview to “humanize” her. and to justify the institution’s aggressiveness in raising interest rates. And, among other things, to rail against United We Can’s proposal for a cap on rising mortgage payments.

For the first objective, humanizing the person responsible for the increase in the cost of financing as the main strategy of monetary policy to fight inflation, despite the risk of economic recession and rising unemployment, the “public mirror” reached tears. With a video in front of him of his childhood memories, his father’s death, his “mother’s courage”, his past as a synchronized swimmer and his professional career development.

Highlights his time at private “ladies'” schools, his success as a lawyer in the United States, and his leap into politics as French economy minister and to the presidency of the ECB as managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). And without any mention of the condemnation of the French judiciary in the case of “negligence” in the distribution of public money, from which the businessman Bernard Tapie benefited in his third term in the French government, from 2007 to 2011, together with the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy. as the president of a neighboring country.

Susanna Griso, the host of “Espejo público” and host of this Thursday’s interview, even contacted one of the brothers to review the personal details of Lagarde’s life, which continued to be very emotional.

According to knowledgeable sources, the ECB president’s communication team asked Antena 3 to go to ‘El hormiguero’, the same network’s entertainment program directed by Pablo Motos in the night’s ‘prime time’ and which actors and actresses, singers or sportsmen usually spend.

The chain rejected the proposal, but did not want to lose the interview opportunity and tried to adapt “Espejo Público”, “with longer interviews, translators and more human content”. That last condition “was a specific request from the ECB’s communications department,” according to these sources. “Human Profile Interviewing to Build a Closer Image”.

“currency terrorism”

In the first part of this interview, the most economical, Susanna Grizzo, sought out several statements of United We Can spokesman Pablo Echenik in October to convey to Lagarde that the “purple” formation believes that the ECB is working in practice. Monetary terrorism”.

The French woman answered a little falsely: “I’m not a terrorist.” And he felt that those with variable rate mortgages had enjoyed minimal funding costs for years and that they should consider themselves to be at a disadvantage now. He said he was aware that “banks are prepared to renegotiate terms with the most affected customers” and that the government had been given the power to take other measures, but did not go much deeper.

Along the same lines, Susanna Grizo said “no question” to another United We Can proposal, to create a temporary and extraordinary bonus of 14% on the price of a basic basket of products, assuming Lagarde seems absurd. Allows him to express his opinion. However, the ECB president commented that he considered it appropriate to develop direct support measures for the most vulnerable families, citing the example of a “€200 cheque” that the Treasury will soon pay to the lowest-income applicants. he.

“Public Mirror” also tried to show her role as a mother, which she herself was influenced by. and the difficulties women face in reconciling and rising in such a masculine world as the economic one.

Lagarde emphasized that it is a priority that women get the same opportunities and have access to the same jobs as men. And he regrets to see that there is still a gap of more than 10% or more than 20% between women’s and men’s wages, noting that closing this gap is a “fundamental objective”.

Source: El Diario





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