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Spain maintains lowest inflation rate among major EU countries despite recovery in February

Inflation in the Eurozone fell slightly and amounted to 8.5% in February, which is one-tenth lower than last month. This is the fourth consecutive decline since October’s record high, when prices rose 10.7%. Although Spain saw a two-tenths increase in electricity and food, it remains the lowest in the EU for major products at 6.1%, compared to 9.3% in Germany; 7.2% in France; According to preliminary data published by Eurostat this Thursday, it is 9.9% in Italy.

However, the lowest inflation data in the Eurozone was recorded by Belgium (5.5%) and Luxembourg (4.8%).

Last year, the energy crisis led to a gradual rise in prices in the Eurozone before peaking in October. However, this time it wasn’t energy (13.7%, down almost five points last month) that was driving the increase, but for the first time it was outpaced by the category that includes food, alcohol and tobacco (15%, up). nine tenths).

In this group, the price of fresh food increased by 13.6%, which is 2.3 points higher than the previous month. In the case of processed food, alcohol and tobacco, the inflation rate is 15.% (five tenths more).

Despite a slight general fall in prices, there was a three-tenths (5.6%) increase in core inflation, which precisely excludes energy, food, tobacco and alcohol, which are more volatile.

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