Rafael del Pino moves Ferrovial headquarters from Spain to the Netherlands

Ferrovial intends to carry out a corporate operation, which will essentially involve moving its headquarters to the Netherlands. The company proposed a merger between its parent company and Ferrovial International, a Dutch European joint-stock company that already owns 86% of the company’s assets, which would mean moving its registered office from Spain to the Netherlands.

After the move, it will require dual admission to trade in the country it will list in Spain and, later, it is expected to be listed in the United States as well.

In a filing with the National Securities Market Commission, Ferrovial did not explain where it will pay corporate taxes after the operation.

However, it notes that “no business impact is expected” in terms of “strategy, investment plans, organization or day-to-day operations” and that it “expects Spain to remain a key source of talent development.”

Group CEO Rafael Del Pino has held a stake in Ferrovial through the Dutch company for years. At the end of 2022, the executive indirectly controlled 20.25% of the construction company through his Dutch company Rijn Capital BV, in which he owns 99.87%.

Source: El Diario





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