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Inditex agrees with unions on €18,000 minimum wage at its stores

Inditex has reached an agreement with unions that sets a fixed minimum wage of 18,000 euros for all employees of the group’s various brand stores across Spain, an amount that will be supplemented by other variable pay, such as that linked to seniority. , commission or night work, among others.

This Thursday, the negotiation process that began last October ended with an agreement that, as the UGT statement noted, “resolves some of the injustices that have occurred within the group and finally begins the path of homogeneity across brands and territories.”

Thus, a fixed minimum wage is established for all workers in group stores, regardless of the collective agreement that uses their fixed wage, excluding age-related concepts, as well as all variable concepts (commission, incentives, night,…). and premiums paid by Inditex that do not appear in the contract.

According to the agreed tables, group I (clerks and cashiers with less than 18 months of age) will receive at least 18,000 euros per year; Group II (clerk and cashier 18 months and 4 years) will pay 20,000 euros per year; Group III (clerk and cashier over 4 years) will have a salary of 22,000 euros per year, and group IV (responsible, central cashier) will receive 24,500 euros per year.

In addition, to these amounts of groups will be added the notions related to age, as well as all the variable notions (commission, incentives, night work,…) that are contained in each applicable collective agreement and the bonuses or allowances paid. Inditex and does not appear in the applicable collective agreement in the territories that have them.

The agreement also states that workers in groups II, III and IV, whose fixed income exceeds the above amounts, are guaranteed at least 600 euros per year or what is “necessary for the difference in the annual fixed income guarantee.” is 1000 euros per year.

Increases according to CPI

In this sense, the said amounts will increase according to the CPI in each year of validity and all amounts will be paid in 12 monthly installments. They are also on full days, proportional to partial days.

With these amounts, there are areas in Spain that will have an increase of more than 6,000 euros per year, and this is an average increase of 20 percent, with the areas with the lowest wages reaching 40 percent, without counting certain points.

Source: El Diario





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