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On the death of Salche Elvira

Yesterday afternoon, we learned about the death of fighter Salche Elvira The first workers’ commissions during the Franco dictatorship, the leader Unification of trade unions at the stage of consolidation of democracy in Spain and loyal to the union until his last breath.

Dear Salsi, I could never tell you because of my men A generation forbidden to express feelings – how many I have Admired and respected as a person and as a trade unionist. I say how A person in the first place because if you did not meet the values The qualities that I saw in you, I think you would not be great Be a trade unionist

This identification with hard working people like you and of course extension to the most vulnerable people in society; that A visceral rebellion against injustice; That deep belief that Things can only change with commitment and action collective; And that great humanity that always put you by your side It is weaker, but it also allowed you to understand the position colleagues or in union debates or negotiations Businessmen and governments explain that people who have Acquaintance, whichever side they were on, appreciate you, As myself, as a person and as a trade unionist.

You started working in Spain very young, that’s new Generations are unable to imagine, you are rebelling a An unjust society, as the worker knows its reality, you have arrived Through the first cores of workers’ commissions Christian organizations that belong together with people and The PCE in particular contributed to the creation of a “new type” trade union movement, which eventually became one of the main actors. Struggle against dictatorship and restoration of freedoms Democratic.

You have taken on an important responsibility when CCOO They had to unite to protect the interests of the people Workers and Democratic Consolidation. new generations Just as they cannot imagine what Spain was like during Franco’s regime, they also cannot imagine Do you know, or have an inaccurate idea, that there was an attempt in 1981? coup d’état and that in 1988 the CCOO and the UGT should call A general strike that paralyzed the country so that it is a democracy It was associated with more, not less, work and social rights.

Dear Salce, you have contributed greatly to what CCOOs are today, but I think I am not exaggerating when I say that by the action of the Union, of which you were one of the great leaders in which you contributed Workers and workers are winning rights and Spain today a A much better country than the one we were born and raised in.

There have been many throughout the trajectory of CCOOs The controversies we get into, for example, on the other hand, This happens in the best families. And you, as ever faithful to you In faith, you were undiminished. We have gone through alienation and unions. I keep these. Because unions in one An organization as broad and multiple as CCOOs express what it is It is above all inconsistency, which is anything but Belief that the fight for the interests of the people Workers, we fight for a fairer and more supportive society.

If you could read these letters, I know you would blush, fly away The meaning and if you say that there were many other people like you. You would be correct in the Salce, History, tradition of thought The one we identify with is created by people, but Cities do not stop the communities of people united around them A collective project and these people have a name and a surname Many, it is true, but you also Salce and clearly. Tea We miss you. Goodbye, sale.

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