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New fine for mourning for false self-employment and undocumented “riders”: 57 million euros in Madrid

A new blow to mourning over the abuse of bogus freelancers. The labor inspectorate recently fined a multinational company another large fine of around 57 million euros for fraud in the hiring of more than 7,800 delivery drivers in Madrid, according to sources familiar with the investigation. In total, the company collects fines of 205.3 million euros throughout the country.

Specifically, the inspectorate sanctioned the false self-employment situation of more than 7,000 Glovo distributors in Madrid, prior to the applicable Rider legislation, with a proposed fine of 32.9 million euros for labor violations.

In relation to these workers, the public authority is demanding unpaid social security contributions from the multinational, which the bereaved should have paid into the public treasury in exchange for them. riders If I hired them. In total, the settlement document for these contributions amounts to 19 million euros.

very riders without a work permit

In addition, the company was also fined for “irregular work by foreigners without proper work permits,” these sources added. The measure affects “813 people” and the amount of the sanction reaches 5.2 million euros.

In all, fines and settlements for Glovo totaled €56.7 million in the capital in the action, adding to a long list of labor violations in the Spanish multinational’s short history.

The multinational company’s full invoice amounts to “€205.3 million” for violations found by the inspectorate across Spain, involving more than 37,300 distributors.

The challenge continues and awaits the prosecution

New sanctions in the capital, such as 79 million in Barcelona and Valencia, will still be in line with Glovo’s operating model until the Rider legislation in August 2021. Despite the government-approved regulation forcing companies to hire a delivery company for their messengers, Glovo. continues to challenge Trabajo con riders Self-employed, although with a new system that is still being investigated by the labor authority.

These investigations take months, even years, as this latest fine on an operational model until the summer of 2021 proves.

In the face of this delay and the push by Glovo, which continues to use autonomous messengers despite everything, Second Vice President and Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz announced that she would ask the prosecutor’s office to investigate multinational companies involved in possible cases. Crimes against workers (mourning, but also joined Uber Eats a few months ago).

“Here I solemnly tell you that the law of the rider will be fulfilled. We are in a social and democratic state of law, and rebel companies are going to attack,” said the second vice-president.

Since then, in September last year, Trabajo has not yet taken this step. “tion collection continues,” they answer from Yolanda Diaz’s apartment. After the announcement in the ministry, they announced that the maneuver was not easy and an in-depth study is underway.

In December, the government agreed with other parliamentary forces on a legislative change that would facilitate the prosecution of false self-employed workers, with up to six years in prison. With the new draft Criminal Code also allowing for the prosecution of other labor violations (such as false internships or illegal overtime), the ministry has a “safer” way to handle this type of fraud, they believe, in labor.

Source: El Diario





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