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“El Niño” will end the Christmas holidays on this Epiphany with a prize distribution of 700 million euros, which is 70% of this draw, the second most important in the national lottery.

At twelve o’clock in the morning, the children of San Ildefonso will start drawing numbers with prizes in the State Lottery and Gambling Hall (Celae) with a multiple drum system.

They will call the first five two-digit endings, then fourteen three-digit endings, and later two four-digit endings, before continuing to draw balls for third, second, and first prizes, and finally two final payouts.

The first prize is awarded with €2 million in series, the second with €750,000 and the third with €250,000 in series.

Thus, for every tenth that is worth 20 euros, 200,000 euros will be won from the first prize; 75,000 euros for the tenth tithe, and 25,000 euros for the third tithe.

From January 2020, the minimum amount exempt from taxation is €40,000, so only the first and second prize winners will be taxed.

It is estimated that each Spaniard can play an average of €16.71, which is lower than in the 2022 draw, which was €17.50.

First prize (200,000 euros per tenth)

second prize (€75,000 for the tenth)

Third prize (25,000 euros for the tenth)

Source: El Diario





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