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All “Naturji” gas customers will be allowed to automatically switch to the regulated tariff

Naturgy announced this Thursday that it plans to provide its customers with the entire process so that households with a gas consumption of less than 50,000 kWh can qualify “quickly” and with a “one-click” last resort (TUR). which is subsidized by the government and much cheaper on the free market.

The Spanish gas leader has made a form available on its website for users of the liberalized market “through which they can automatically switch to the regulated tariff without additional management”.

The company indicates that in the second half of the year it managed to transfer 150,000 to TUR, which is more than in the previous two and a half years, “and is consolidated as the company with the most clients by this figure”. Which indicates that there are about 1.7 million users.

Through this form, customers will be able to complete the necessary data to confirm their identity, ownership of the delivery and the transfer of personal data to the regulated retailer making the delivery after the change. “Thus, the client will not have to do any additional management to be part of the regulated market.

Naturgy will also contact its customers in the liberalized market through various means (e-mail, SMS and postal mail) to offer them this quick and automatic change of TUR with a direct link to the form. This initiative will initially target customers located in the 9 autonomous communities where the energy group has gas distribution: Andalucia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Community of Valencia, Galicia, Madrid, Navarre and La Rioja. This is 90% of the group’s customers in the gas business in Spain.

Thus, customers will no longer be customers of Naturgy Iberia, SA (Deregulated Market Reseller) and will become customers of Comercializadora Regulada Gas&Power, SA (Regulated Reseller of the Naturgy Group). The company made the information and form available at

“In this way and through clicks, Naturji intends to accelerate the mobilization of consumers in the regulated market with the aim of paying less on their gas bills before the arrival of winter, the period in which gas consumption is the highest of the year.”

The company emphasizes that this measure “adds to the strengthening of various customer service channels in recent weeks to meet the sharp increase in the demand for gas TUR contracts in homes. Among other measures, Naturgy has multiplied by x14 to date the number of operators assigned to attend the registration requirements of the Gas TUR”.

In October, the government extended TUR to neighboring communities and took the cost of the restriction, which was in force since the end of last year, for consumers using this modality, which led to a large number of requests and led the National Commission for Markets and Competition. (CNMC) to open the information file.

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