A new route from Vilnius to Warsaw and Krakow has started: a group of Lithuanians left

The “LTG Link” train from Vilnius will pass through Kaunas to Mockava, where passengers should take the “PKP Intercity” train of the Polish company and continue their journey to the selected Polish city. In Mockava, depending on the direction of travel, the transfer time is 24 minutes or 33 minutes, so passengers will have to change to another train which has stopped a few meters away.

The train will depart from Vilnius every day at 12:00. 10 minutes, from Kaunas – 1 p.m. 20 minutes The train will arrive at Warsaw Central Station at 8:00 p.m. local time. 13 minutes, in Krakow – 23:00 39 minutes

The train from Krakow to Vilnius will leave every day at 4:00 in the morning. 01 min., from Warsaw – 07 h. 35 minutes This train will arrive in Kaunas at 4:00 p.m. 25 mins and Vilnius – 5:00 p.m. 34 mins. Lithuanian time.

The trip from Vilnius to Warsaw with a transfer will take about 9 hours. For those traveling to Warsaw, the price of a standard ticket will be only 25 EUR, and for those traveling to Krakow – 30 EUR. Discounts apply for accompanying children up to 12 years old.

The new route is not suitable for people with disabilities or people with individual needs, but as Lietuvos Geležinkeliai assured, the company promises to meet the needs of all travelers in the future.

“On the section of the international route in Lithuania, trips will be made by PESA630MiL trains, which are also suitable for people with individual needs. On the section of the route in Poland, trips will be made by a train of cars particular, which does not have adaptability for people with reduced mobility”, indicates the comment of the company in The Postedia.

Persons traveling on an international itinerary are reminded to carry personal identification documents. On this international route it will be possible to transport personal hand luggage, bicycles (with prior purchase of the transport service), and with an animal health certificate issued by a veterinarian it will be possible to travel with pets . The fixed price for transporting a bicycle along the entire route is 10 EUR, a dog – 5 EUR.

The “LTG Link” train from Vilnius will go via Kaunas to Mockava, where passengers will be advised to board the train of the Polish company and continue their journey to the selected Polish city.

“With new international flights, we will ensure both green transport and cultural and social connection. For those traveling for work, young people who want to discover the surrounding countries or those who want to have fun – Polish cities are easily and sustainably accessible today Passenger interest in this route has already exceeded expectations – in just two weeks of ticket sales, approximately 1,000 tickets for this route have been sold through LTG Link channels for the month of December,” said Linas Baužys, Head of LTG Link.

There are a total of 130 seats on the trains running on the Vilnius-Moscow line. This means that the remaining seats can also be purchased by people traveling within countries, for example, with these flights it is possible to travel comfortably between Vilnius and Marijampolė every day.

Trains in both countries will have toilets and electrical outlets in each carriage. On the territory of Lithuania it will be possible to use free Wi-Fi Internet connection, guests will be offered to buy snacks and drinks.

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